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Three Pillars Of Clown World in the U.S.A.




There are in my opinion three main pillars in the US that represents clown world to the rest of the planet. Now I know this is just my opinion and some statements can be seen as me using broad brush strokes painting an odd picture of people in general. There are exceptions to these rules or pillars and not everyone fits in the designated square hole. And now to begin.

Pillar #1 - Politics. I have noticed that more and more people who might have fairly centrist views on a topic often get drowned out by either the Far Left Socialists as the right would say or the Far Right Religiotards as the left would say. There are points that I might agree with from either the Democrats or Republicans and yet still be called an extremist by either side because I might lean too far right or left for their liking.

Pillar #2 - Religion. This is more of a statement towards the Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism. What mostly comes to mind are the extreme anti vaccine crowd because wearing a mask and getting a vaccine somehow unjustly infringes on your right to gather in large groups and kill people with Germ warfare. Another part is this pillar is when members of Christianity for example scream that they being persecuted. No you’re not, no one is preventing you from worshiping Jesus, celebrating Christmas or evev saying Merry Christmas during the holidays. Some people are actually aware that there is more than one holiday during that time of year or just don’t celebrate due to their (non)religious views.

Pillar #3 - Hollywood. The entertainment industry over the years has become a mash up moronic things. When celebrities who think they get to decide what religion or political affiliation you should have. Some even think people are ‘Ists and ‘Phobes of some kind because their precious project didn’t make the money they had hoped for. Don’t even get me started on the Twitterites who gets to decide which person or group gets cancelled as “whomever” doesn’t fit their matrix of beliefs. 

So if you good reader want to be religious, political, or an entertainer than that’s just fine but learn to steer clear of clown world. Not everyone will adhere to your world view, it’s okay to listen to or ignore ideas you don’t like. Just remember people will do the same to you and that doesn’t make them bad, evil, or stupid. They just don’t agree.

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