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Only One Thing Nessary



Only One Thing Necessary
(Also news about the Monastery and Retreat House)
Do not worry over things that generate preoccupation, derangement, and anxiety.
One thing only is necessary: to lift up your spirit and love God. (Padre Pio)
The last thing people want to hear is to not worry. We seem to love it, when we worry we can’t be bored, and we have something to talk about. I worry, and true to form, I do not want to be told not to. Yet worry is a waste of time. There is always something to worry about, mostly about ‘fears’ that are beyond my control.
Uncertainty seems to be the ‘catch-word’ of today, or better yet, fluidity. I am still confused about the covid issue. You go to the doctor’s office and everyone has to wear a mask. Go outside, and one in 10, at most, is wearing one. About 1200 deaths a month nationwide at this time. Much better than in the past. Yet, we are not out of the woods yet. New variants are in the wing.
We have Good News, the retreat house will open up on the 16th of August 2022. In the beginning, we will only have 15 people at a time. While here we would ask that the standard protocols be followed. We will encourage everyone who comes to please take a home test before your arrival. We will encourage masks, but it will not be a strict rule. Everyone knows the risk of Covid, even if they keep it repressed. So when coming to the Monastery, be aware that there is some risk involved. Be considerate of others. The retreats will be silent.
We do require that masks be worn while in the church for services. Also, the section up by the altar is reserved for monks' use. So we ask all retreatants to go to the section beyond the choir stalls for prayer and to attend the Divine Office. We have special stalls set up for our guests to use.
Overall, things are going well here. Fr. Tom, Fr. Eduardo, and Fr. Matt are doing well. Fr. Tom still has his sense of humor, and Fr. Matt, Fr. Eduardo deals with his short-term memory with grace and humor. Br. Emilio our Infirmirian is doing a great job.
As I said above, I do worry. Prayer does help to keep me focused on what is important. The whole abortion issue is a subject that I feel sorrow over. So I pray and try to encourage those who come here seeking advice, as well as those who have had abortions and are carrying deep pain. We all need to experience God’s mercy, none are outside of God’s loving concern. It is good that we never forget that.
I am so weary over the situation of the world, and our country in particular. I have no idea where we are going, but in prayer, I lift up all to the Holy Spirit and then try not to become obsessive over it. Sometimes the idea of being powerless can be empowering as far as being able to let go of useless worry.
So let us go forward together in faith. Praying for one another, and seeking to grow in love every day. We can forget that we are called to follow two commandments, the rest follow. To love God with our whole heart, mind, soul, and neighbor as ourselves. That should keep us all busy.-Br.MD

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