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He is Always Walking on the Waves




He is Always Walking on the Waves

When I am experiencing an inner storm,
when the waves are high and I feel like I am sinking,
is it then Lord that you call for trust my Lord?

The high waves are created by me,
even if often unconscious,
yet they are real, and perhaps dangerous,
for inner wounds are many, and slow to heal.

On the waves, you walk towards me,
seeking to get me to look at you,
you are calm, steady, open-armed,
so when I finally look,
and sit still and see you riding the waves,
I can center, be calm, or less anxious,
and even get out of the boat and walk
towards you.

I have to learn this over and over again,
and in that, I am learning patience with myself,
and compassion, that hopefully will
spread to others.

For we all are sitting in our boat,
over a vast ocean, that storms in a second,
and you are always riding on the waves
seeking to get us to look at you in trust.-Br.MD


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