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The Blue Dolphin House: Malta Ghost Story



The Blue Dolphin House: Malta Ghost Story
By Matteo Palmier
Distributed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


It was during the time of the British rule in Malta when two drunken sailors were walking along the streets of Valetta, when upon reaching City Gate, they were accosted by a beautiful woman wearing the traditional Maltese costume, the ghonnella. She asked them if they could accompany to her home. Even though they didn't feel like walking much, they partially consented because they felt fascinated by the beautiful lady. They followed her and when they reached the house on St Ursola Street, she asked them if they could help her inside as she had left the key inside.

The soldiers were bewildered by such a request but nonetheless decided to help out the mysterious lady. After some time one of the naval men managed to clamber inside where he found the key. When he managed to open the door for the lady and his friend, the lady took off her ghonnella to reveal beautiful black locks. When she started to light the house, the splendour and richness of the house left them gaping. Now that they were in the company of a beautiful lady and in a magnificent setting, they felt more relaxed. However, as time drew nigh, they felt more weary and left the house. One of the sailors realized he had left a very expensive silver cigarette case inside the house and they decided they would call again on the morrow to get it. The next day they were shocked to find the same house in a very dilapidated state. They were told by one of the neighbours that the house was said to be haunted and that sometimes they could see the house lit from outside.

This house is still abandoned in St. Ursula Street in Valletta, Malta and when you pass at night you feel the chill, coldness and even if you are lucky you can also see the light, since it is still haunted and if you have the guts you can take a peek inside one of the windows still present!

You have the picture of the house attached ...... this is real and in Malta many people know this story.

Thank you Matteo Palmier for sending me this ghost story via email.  I found the story fascinating.  I also discovered other ghost stories from Malta.  Please read below:

When my father and stepmother Cindy visited the various islands in the Mediterranean Sea on a cruise ship, they stopped off at Malta, Goza, Comino, Sicily and Sardinia, the island that stayed heavy in their memories was Malta.  The exquisite beauty of Malta surrounded by light crystal blue waters, some of the places on my father's itinerary were haunted.  My father and my stepmother visited these places, they did not have any paranormal experiences, but many other tourists and locals have.  Let's take a look at some of these places in Malta.   

Telgha t’Alla w’Ommu – Naxxar
When driving across the Maltese islands, you will have passed Telgha t’Alla w’Ommu as you head over to your final stop.  There have been many car accidents in this area.  Locals believe that car accidents happen at this area because of wandering spirits in the area. Some locals and tourists have encountered ghosts walking along side of the street.  Some ghosts even hitchhike. Tommaso Vella vacationing in Malta, came across a beautiful woman who needed a ride and he pulled over and she jumped in his vehicle.  Tommaso asked the lady where she wanted to go and she would not answer.  The woman then grabbed his steering wheel and almost made Tommaso crash.  When Tommaso pulled off to the side of the road, the woman vanished.

Verdala Palace - Siġġiewi
The Verdala Palace is majestic in every way.  No wonder it's the President’s Summer residence.  It also has another reputation, the palace is haunted by the Blue Lady.  Legend has it that the Blue Lady supposedly plummeted to her death from a window in the Verdala Palace due to her imminent arranged wedding. The spirit of the woman is seen roaming the palace in her blue dress.  Tourists also complain that the doors of the palace will seem to be locked, but it actually feels like someone on the other side is holding onto the door.  The doors are unlocked, but won't open.  After a while, the doors will open as if whoever was holding the door released the door.  Dr. Burkston from Tennessee was vacationing in Malta and he says that his tour guide had a hard time getting the door to open and called the ghost - The Door Holder Prankster.  The tour guide said he has dealt with the Door Holder Prankster 3 other times.

Manoel Theatre - Valletta
Manoel Theatre is the pride and joy of the Maltese and happens to be Europe’s third oldest functioning theatre. Actors as well as audience members, have reportedly seen fog emerge from one of the seating boxes. Others have experienced hearing slamming doors.  They have also seen moving shadow people.  The most notable ghost is a ghost named Rita.  Rita when she was alive was a beggar who inhabited the Manoel Theatre in the earlier days. It is said that Rita fell to her death from one of the theatre’s balconies as she fought to save her infant daughter from a stranger’s hands.

Dar ix-Xjaten, Mellieħa
Dar ix-Xjaten was claimed to have been built by Satan in one day. The farmhouse initially served as a horse stable for the Knights Templar. The farmhouse is said to have been built by Satan, because the staircases create the illusion of protruding horns.  Another creepy thing about this location is that classical music resonates through the house during nightfall.  The farmhouse is recognized to be a national monument by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.



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