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The Power Line Entities



The Power Line Entities
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations




Date to be there: August 6, Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Address to be at: Sacramento, CA. Contact Person: Ms. J. Activity: Demonic activity. Ms. J has been attacked severely by a possible demon. The demon scratched her legs, I saw the photos, it was bad. She needs an investigation, cleansing. The entity is giving her nightmares, sometimes the entity makes her black out, claw marks seen on her body. This demon may originate from her previous home.  Case# 9K16Y882M266H9 - Special Note: This was a confidential investigation and Ms. J and her family are not identified in this article.

HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call:
Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Co-Owner; Christian Appel - Documentarian and YouTuber; Ryan Privee - Equipment Specialist - Gadget Man; Mike Ouilhon - Security; Ava Foreman - Photographer; Kim Foreman - EMF Sweep.

When the team arrived at this home the first thing that Christian Appel - Documentarian noticed was that the home we were investigating was right next to a powerline.  As any ghost hunter knows, is that entities need energy, it's their food. Christian, Mike Ouilhon and I, went out to the middle of the street circle and obtained a very clear EVP.  A full-on sentence, the words are unintelligible. We also captured some EVPs in the home.  We obtained a clear EVP of the entity saying "yes", when holding up the digital recorder next to the attic.  The entity was telling me that it was hiding in the attic, by saying "yes".  Mike, Ava Foreman and Kim Foreman followed me over to the side of the house and we asked the entity to give us a sign and we captured an EVP that sounded like a metal pipe tapping on metal.  While we stood there, we did not hear that sound, but the sound was as clear as day on the recorder.  One of the guests that was with Ms. J was in the kitchen and she was choked.   

Mike felt something brushing up against him. As I was walking around checking on my investigators, I started feeling dizzy and at one point of time as I was walking up the stairs, I felt like I was going to fall.  Ryan Privee and Mike felt suffocated in one room where they were having a spirit box session.  Ryan received intelligent feedback from using his spirit box.     

To get the full briefing, the full story on how this may have all originated, you can check out the videos at my youtube channel, the link is on top of this article. Ms. J explains her complete paranormal ordeal.  She will discuss the scratches and how they were obtained. 

I believe that Ms. J had an attachment and that was the cause of her severe scratches on her legs. The attachment may have followed her from her previous home and may have originated when Ms. J once played with a Ouija board. I also believe that the land that her home is built on is haunted.  There is a lot of history on this property that goes back to Sonoran-born explorer and Army officer Gabriel Moraga (1765 – June 14, 1823) who happened upon Elk Grove with his expedition party, they marveled at the grapevines in Elk Grove. Elk Grove and lower Sacramento faced a cholera epidemic in 1849.  If you drive around Elk Grove, you will see clumps of Eucalyptus trees.  These Eucalyptus trees were imported from Australia.  The clump of trees was used as wind shelter for passing caravans.  Some people who became sick with cholera died on the grounds of Elk Grove.  It is very possible that the spirits of these dead people of yesteryear may still be haunting the land and that is why we were able to get such a clear EVP next to the powerline.  Not only was Ms. J haunted, but the land may be very haunted.

I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing and gave Ms. J a full submersion baptism in her swimming pool.  A full submersion baptism is a basic form of exorcism and if you have an attachment, the attachment will leave your body immediately.  I blessed the swimming pool with holy water.   



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