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Covid has entered our community



Covid has entered our community
I knew it was only a matter of time before Covid got one of us.
So now here we are. Hopefully, it will be mild for the brother who has it, and if anyone else gets it, it will be the same.
I took one of the Brothers to the ER at Piedmont Hospital on Peachtree St. They wanted him to come there because the team he will need if the MRI comes out a certain way, will be there. While there, everyone was masked, with no exceptions. Though once in a while you would see someone with their nose outside their mask.
Then one step out of the ER and no one was wearing a mask. I am no different. We are not out of this Pandemic yet, though many think it is over, or dying out. From what I see, it does not look that way. New variants are coming up all the time, and one day it is very feasible that a very serious one will develop and we could be back to square one. I hate that.
Today, as I was praying in my room, I felt a deep peace, but when I went a little deeper, I could see that I have pockets of panic, as if I feel that we are all being backed into a corner with this. I hope that I am very wrong on this. We are short-sighted for the most part, and I understand the frustration of wearing masks, etc. Like others, there are times when I am not as careful as I could be, and a kind of fatigue comes over me.
Yet, this will pass. When I was young and in boot camp, the first two weeks were hard. What got me through was the thought "This too will pass". So it is now, this will pass.
We are told not to fear. Yet, fear is easy to experience. I believe what we are called to is to not let fear control us, we do need to live each day the best way we can. Fear can stop that. Most people will get through this, but there are still many of us who are alive and healthy and can still get the virus and die.
Pray, hope, love, and help those around you. Hopefully, this will be the last year we will have to go through this, at least with Covid.--Br.MD

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My prayers for your community.  Yes, I too, hope this will soon end but this virus seems to keep coming back, though each iteration thankfully is reduced in lethality.  I contracted the initial Omicron variant and was only ill for a few days but a couple of weeks later I began having a pretty severe deficit in breathing.  I began walking again and it slowly improved and now I'm mostly back to normal.  Looking back, I think that if I had contracted the first variant, I might well have been hospitalized and died.  I had several of the comorbidities that lessened chances of a mild case.

All any of us can do is take life a day at a time and pray for the best outcomes, within God's will.

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