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The Rule of Law and the Consent of the Governed




I've spent a lot of time on several message boards where I'm able to discuss politics and I've seen a lot of crowing by Democrats and a lot of anger by Republicans over the unprecedented way in which our DoJ/FBI have become blatantly political and have actually sent more than 30 ARMED AGENTS to the home of a former president.  

This raid was very similar to the same kind of tactics used by the FBI in their pursuit of Manafort, Stone, and Navarro.  Predawn entry into private homes and in a couple of these cases they used weapons and media to try to intimidate Trump's former staffers or associates.  Very few Democrats have said anything negative about this event and when they join discussion over it they uniformly repeat the media-mantra that "no one is above the law"  

Mind you, these same individuals ignore blatant wrongdoing by Democrats.  Hunter Biden has self-incriminated to some very serious crimes yet not one arrest or raid has occurred.  Joe Biden has lied multiple times about having knowledge of Hunter's business deals and there is documentary evidence to prove he not only knew of the business dealings, he even left a voice mail that seemed to confirm that Hunter's actions had put him in potential legal jeopardy but the media had ignored it and Joe tells him "I think you're okay".

These are facts.  There is clear evidence to back them up.  In addition, Obama's WH created a situation on their way out to spy on, slander, and defame Trump.  The illegal antics undertaken by the FBI have been exposed, including falsifying "evidence" for a FISA warrant, literally inserting a mole in Trump's campaign THEN on his incoming administration team.  Again, these facts are not in question.  The investigations proved that none of the accusations about Trump/ Russia were accurate.  In fact, there is proof they were fabricated.  Even after that, still no one has been arrested or indicted.

Now we have an out of control FBI that raided his home, supposedly because they had gotten info from ANOTHER MOLE that they admit to placing in his staff.  Trump is being targeted so that he can be indicted, convicted, and in so doing, kept from running again for the presidency.  We can get back to that.

This FBI plant supposedly gave specific information about classified documents and where they could be found.  Fair enough.  With that level of specificity, why did it take 30+ armed agents, 12 hours to gather their evidence?  Also, why, in light of how totally unprecedented this action was, has the DoJ or FBI not held a press conference to explain what they were looking for and more importantly, why the court SEALED the affidavit that served to justify their search?

All of those who support this action may think that "this time, by golly, we GOT HIM"  My question for them is, if no one is above the law, why is Trump the only person being slammed with a pre-dawn raid of 30+ armed agents?  An even better question should be, why were his lawyers not allowed to observe the warrant being served?  Considering the verifiable fact that the FBI lied and tweaked emails to use as evidence earlier, why on earth should Americans take on faith that the FBI didn't plant "evidence"?

Not possible?  They lied multiple times for their FISA warrants.  IMO, any so-called evidence they collected over 12 HOURS, is tainted and should be inadmissible based on the evidence that they'd lied and fabricated evidence before now.  I realize that I'd be optimistic to the point of foolishness to expect them to be truthful about the what and why of this outrage.  Yes, it IS an outrage and anyone who uses the "no one is above the law" BS, is just demonstrating their hypocrisy.  The realty is pretty simple.  The DC power structure is scared spitless because they know they cannot easily get away with the same things they did in 2020.  They also understand that if he chooses to run, he WILL win and they know it will be a political and legal bloodbath if he gets into that office again.

Finally, I've seen the Marc Elias theory that if Trump is convicted of mishandling these classified documents, it will disqualify him from running again.  There is no precedent for a Federal statute having supremacy over the Constitution itself.  The Constitution clearly enumerates qualifications for that job.

Citizen must be at least 35, native born, and have never been Impeached, tried in the Senate and removed.  The only other means of disqualifying him would be to convict him of the crime of treason as specifically defined in the Constitution:



The Constitution specifically identifies what constitutes treason against the United States and, importantly, limits the offense of treason to only two types of conduct: (1) “levying war” against the United States; or (2) “adhering to [the] enemies [of the United States], giving them aid and comfort.” Although there have not been many treason prosecutions in American history—indeed, only one person has been indicted for treason since 1954—the Supreme Court has had occasion to further define what each type of treason entails.

He obviously isn't guilty of either of those elements but I expect the committee to sell the idea that 1/6 meets the standard.  I fully expect them to indict him and try him on some bogus charge based on evidence they found at his home.  If they take it that far then the verdict will be appealed to SCOTUS and America's fate will depend on those Justices.  However this falls out, once Republicans retake the House, they need to print up lots of subpoenas and to depose under oath those who have weaponized the FBI, and DoJ.  I believe the Dems in DC are doing their best to foment violence from those on the conservative side so they can then mobilize troops and or LEOs to crush those they are characterizing as rebels or "ists" of multiple flavors.  These are indeed dark and dangerous days.



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