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Prayer In Time of Anxiety and Bring Restless




Prayer In Time of Anxiety and Bring Restless
How restless I can be my Lord,
how anxious and scattered,
as I age my ability to embrace stress
has changed, and I can feel shattered,
like pieces of a mirror that is
in a place of unrest, in bits and pieces,
yet You call me back, lead me to be silent,
to pray the way that is possible for me,
allowing Your healing love to bring rest.
Now that I am in the winter of my life,
I am also in many ways also at peace,
knowing that what lies ahead
is short indeed, a thought I cannot escape.
I am so grateful that You are true,
even when I struggle to be rooted in You.
Your grace has planted me deep
in the living waters.
Your strength allows me to weather storms,
high waves, and fears of sinking,
for even in the midst of inner fragmentation
Your presence is there, all I need to is to seek,
to desire Your face, and You show Yourself
to me, Your often bumbling servant.
When You hide Your face, I know You are still there,
closer watching over me. I may feel lost for a season,
yet Your Holy Spirit leads me through the desert,
to one day to be home, all darkness gone,
my soul healed and rejoicing in Your
grace and mercy, eternally amazed.-Br.MD

Edited by markdohle



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