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Haunted Red Castle Inn, Nevada City, CA



Haunted Red Castle Inn, Nevada City, CA
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


To learn more about Red Castle Inn, watch Jonathan Mumm's video below:

Quick History:
The Red Castle Inn sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the trees that surround this inn.  That's not a bad thing.  It's because of the red bricks that makes this house stand out.  The Red Castle Inn really catches your eye. The magnificent inn was built by Judge John Williams.  It was completed in August 1860.   The judge lived at this home with his wife, son and his son's large family of 11 children.  The house was built to accommodate two families.  The castle oversees Prospect Hill.  The castle dominates the landscape and the name Red Castle was found to be appropriate for this structure.  For 50 years the Red Castle Inn served the community as a bed and breakfast and in 2014, they closed their doors permanently.  Let's look at some of the ghosts that haunt the Red Castle Inn: 

Laura Jean
The Red Castle Inn has not just one ghost, but a few ghosts.  The first one that many guests have encountered is Laura Jean.  Laura Jean was the former nanny who looked over the 11 children.  Some guests have made claim that they will feel the bed move a slight bit and they will raise up from their slumber only to see Laura Jean sitting at the foot of the bed.  Laura Jean also has been seen hovering over a guest while they are trying to sleep.  Laura Jean is quite the character and will at times rub the forehead of a guest.  She will rub their forehead gently as if she was taking care of one of the 11 children.  Some guests have gotten creeped out from this experience.  Terrence Thomas from Grass Valley was a guest at this bed and breakfast.  Terrence claims that Laura Jean was sitting next to him, while he was lying in bed.  Laura Jean then slowly placed her face near his face and kissed Terrence on the cheek and then vanished. 

Lady in Gray
Guests have seen the Lady in Gray walking around in the courtyard at night. The Lady in Gray wears Victorian type of women's clothes, gray in color.  Lisa Smusz from Newcastle stayed overnight at the inn and brought her little terrier dog named Dominique.  Dominique started freaking out. Dominique was detecting something that was outside of her door.   Lisa opened the door to see a woman gliding down the hallway in a gray Victorian dress.  The Lady in Gray looked at Dominique's dog and whispers..."bricky".   The Lady in Gray then looks at Lisa, smiles and fades away into nothingness. 

Half Body Girl
Two of my former HPI paranormal investigators who do not want to be identified in this article stayed the night at the inn. They claim that they witnessed a little girl apparition manifesting in their room.  What they saw was the legs and shoes of  the little girl and the bottom half of her dress.  They could not see the upper torso or face of the little girl.  The little girl then walked through the wall and vanished.  

Red Castle Feline
Some guests make claim of seeing a ghostly black and white cat. The cat will be sitting in the courtyard staring at you and then vanish.  A guest at the inn says that he was lying in bed and this ghostly cat was snuggling up against him in bed and then disappeared.   

So, as you can see this inn has many ghostly residents.  For 50 years the Red Castle was an inn for wayward travelers, tourists and the curious.  Mary Louise and Conley Weaver, innkeepers and owners since 1985, have retired. I have never investigated the inside of the inn, but once made an attempt to get some EVPs on the outside of the inn, with no success.  The inn is located at 109 Prospect St. Nevada City, CA.  The inn has received praise from Fodor’s and Gourmet magazine. “Antique furnishings and Oriental rugs decorate the rooms of this 1857 Gothic-revival mansion, a fine option for those who appreciate the finer points of Victorian design. The building’s brick exterior is trimmed with white-icicle woodwork,” according to the Fodor’s review.

While in Nevada City, I did manage to investigate:  
Red Castle Inn (investigated outside perimeters).
The National Hotel (I was the location scout for Ghost Adventures in regard to an episode of the National Hotel). 
US Hotel Bed and Breakfast (discovered paranormal evidence).
Stonehouse Restaurant (discovered paranormal evidence).

Special Note:  Nevada City, CA is a very haunted town and there are many ghost stories that you will discover in this town.  Happy ghost hunting!



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