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Demonic Presence in Hilmar, CA



Demonic Presence in Hilmar, CA
Paul Dale Roberts, Demonologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations


Ghostly Midsummer Dancers
In August 8, 2007, I investigated a home in Hilmar, CA. The occupants of the home would be awakened at 4am in the early morning, by the sound of laughter. The occupants would look outside to see who would be laughing so early in the morning. The laughter sounded like it was a group of people. The occupants would not see anything and when they were looking out their window, the laughter would stop. Then one night, the laughter happened again, but this time it was louder and they could hear the sound of heavy footsteps. The family looked out their window to see a group of strangely dressed people holding hands and dancing in a circle. In the middle of the circle was a strange looking object. The family could not believe what they were seeing and the man of the house yelled..."hey!!" When he yelled "hey", the strange group vanished before their eyes. The family contacted me, and I brought 2 other investigators with me. We could not find any paranormal evidence. I became very intrigued with what the occupants were telling me. They were describing the clothing of the laughing dancers and it reminded me of midsummer celebrations, I have seen in Germany. The strange object in the middle was described as looking like a cross with circles at both ends. I believe the occupants were seeing a residual manifestation of a past event that happened in Hilmar. I asked them what day did they actually see the dancers and they told me it was June 24, 2007. Our researcher discovered that Hilmar was established by a colony of Swedish immigrants in 1906. These immigrants brought with them their celebrations of midsummer. The mind blowing part of this investigation is that June 24, 2007, is the day that midsummer is celebrated on! The family heard laughing before June 24 and saw nothing, but on the actual day of midsummer June 24, that is when the family saw the dancers! After the family received this information, they felt relieved and knew that there was no threat.


Demonic Activity in Hilmar
Now, I have been contacted by Ms. TS, a family friend who happens to live in Hilmar with her significant other. Special Note: Ms. TS does not identify her significant other, so in the remainder of this article I will continue calling him the "significant other". Hilmar may have happy residual spirits as mentioned above, but it also has its dark side. Ms. TS and her significant other are being terrorized. From the story that Ms. TS tells me, I believe that Ms. TS and her significant other have demonic attachments and they are now in the obsession stage. Usually demons will attack a human target that is going through various stages of melancholia, depression or alcoholism. That is not in the case with Ms. TS and her significant other. In fact, Ms. TS is a savvy business woman.

When Ms. TS contacted me on Facebook messenger, I wanted to get in my car and head over to her home, but unfortunately, I have some family obligations which prevented me to help Ms. TS in person. So the next best way to help her is by direct messaging her on Facebook. Here is our correspondence and my advice in helping her. Please read on.

Ms. TS:
(Ms. TS talks about her significant other): He gets “lost” in the garage area. I try to get him to come in, but he gets “lost” in there. I don’t know, it's hard to explain.
Paul Comments:
It would appear that the demonic attachment has clouded up his mind. No one should get lost in their own garage. Looking at my garage, I have some old couches in there and it's a bit cluttered, but there is no way, I could get lost in my own garage. For Ms. TS significant other having a hard time getting out of his own garage is a big red flag that something is truly amiss.

Ms. TS:
Three times now a very large mirror in the bedroom falls on me for no reason .. and he never wants to be in our bedroom .. one of the times it fell on me in the bedroom .. it was right after he sent me a text about him not feeling “right” in the house & especially in the bedroom.. it was simultaneously happened when he text me that the mirror fell.
Special Note from Paul: "When Ms. TS mentions "he", she is referring to her significant other.

Ms. TS:
Several times he has explained of things flying out of his hands .. this has happened many, many, many times .. he’d have to explain more of that to you .. he’s the one that asked me to contact you.
2 days ago ......I blacked out & smeared stuff all over the mirrors in our bedroom. It was very odd behavior for me .. it almost was in letter forms .. I’m actually embarrassed of my behavior, so I didn’t want to mention this last part.

Paul's Comments:
If Ms. TS blacked out, the demonic attachment was controlling Ms. TS, making her smear letters on the mirrors. The attachment was trying to deliver a message to Ms. TS, by having her write on the mirror.

Ms. TS:
I don’t know much about the property, but my boyfriend had two VERY significant deaths right before he met me .. one female . one male. It's been going on for probably 3 years, but it’s significantly gotten worse recently. When this started getting bad, I went to one of those metaphysical stores that they have in the strip malls .. I bought several candles for cleansing and warding off negative spirits .. I also bought our first cross, that we bought together. It hangs above the door of our house .. but that’s when things really started getting worse .. to be honest

Paul's Comments:
Due to some family commitments, I am not able to drive to Hilmar to assist Ms. TS, so the next best way to help Ms. TS is to continue communicating via Facebook Direct Messenger. I explained to Ms. TS that I believe she has an attachment and her significant other has an attachment. To get rid of that attachment, they both need a full submersion baptism (a basic form of exorcism). Ms. TS is a Catholic and I am a Catholic and the Catholic way of baptizing (baptism by affusion (pouring) and by aspersion (sprinkling). This type of baptism will not work in getting rid of an attachment. It is necessary to get a full submersion baptism and when I had my attachment, I went to a Baptist Church and they immediately baptized me and my attachment left immediately and I never had a problem since. I also gave Ms. TS instructions on how to conduct a home cleansing using holy water. This can be done the Catholic way for the house cleansing. Ms. TS is going to follow my advice and let me know if everything works out for the positive. Special Note: Things got so bad at her house, she was staying in motels. That is not the kind of life that she should have to live.

This investigation is a work in progress.


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