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Haunted Hicksville Cemetery



Haunted Hicksville Cemetery
Paul Dale Roberts, Demonologist
Halo Paranormal Investigations

8 Videos from Hicksville Cemetery, can be seen here at my channel:


The Drawing Above depicts: 
Princess Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at'ite - Avatar - Crossover with The Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts and Aang: The Last Airbender.
Drawing by Richard Vasseur - Concept by Paul Dale Roberts


Above is information that Christian Appel discovered^

Date to be there: Sept 10, 2022, Saturday. Time to be there: 6pm. Location: Hicksville Cemetery, 10035 Arno Road, Galt, CA. Activity: When I first became a paranormal investigator, I would investigate a lot of cemeteries and in some cemeteries, I would get evidence of a spiritual presence. Other cemeteries, no evidence. Hicksville Cemetery has me intrigued. I received two reports from Christian and Ryan, that they have heard disembodied voices from the cemeteries. In one case, it sounded like a full-on conversation and there were no people around. The voices were heard by the witnesses ears. Because of the two reports, I am curious about this cemetery and I feel HPI should investigate. Let's do this! PS: To get some history of this cemetery, go to this link and scroll down: elkgrovehistoricalsociety.com/history-cemeteries/

Some journalists have said that this cemetery is weed infested. When I arrived, the lawn was mowed and actually looked nice.  The cemetery is a Who's Who of Local Citizens. An employee of NASA that worked on the Apollo mission is buried there.  The cousin of the 19th President is buried at this cemetery.  Miwok Native Americans are buried at this cemetery, along with some local African American slaves.  A few trees, including a stately cypress, gives the cemetery an ominous look. Some burrowing animals, along with lizards inhabit this cemetery.  Some of the burrowing by rodents have toppled some of the grave markers.  The cemetery was started by Mrs. Elizabeth Davis after she settled in the vicinity in 1851. Mrs. Davis objected to the custom of burying pioneers in widely scattered places. She quickly won the approval of other women of her day who decided upon the location it now occupies. Mike Dillard from Lodi says that shadow figures have been seen darting in and out where a clump of trees are located in the cemetery.   

HPI Paranormal Investigators Roll Call:
Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Co-Owner; Christian Appel - Documentarian; Leanne Shriver Leighty and her husband Robert.

The start time for this investigation was at 6pm, but I showed up early.  I showed up at 4:45pm, just to see if any ghosts would make contact with me, if I was by myself.  I had no luck.  When my team showed up, my luck changed.  We investigated an unmarked grave and obtained an EVP that sounded like a growl, then another EVP that sounded like a train in the distance.  Very weird.  We came upon the grave of the cousin of the 19th President Rutherford B. Hayes and the EVP that I captured sounded like a full sentence - male voice.  We could not make out the words.  When we investigated an active gravesite of Brooke Cassandra Jamerson, we obtained an EVP of a girl saying "okay". It was clear as day.  There was no woman around me and Christian, when this EVP was captured.  Also, it is rumored that anomalies in various photos of Brooke's gravesite are produced. Misty fog anomaly is seen by Brooke's tombstone and will appear in photographs.



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