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Entities that Mimic People



Entities that Mimic People
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


As a paranormal investigator and investigating over 2,500 cases, I have discovered that either ghosts or demons seem to enjoy mimicking people. On some of my cases, especially my demonic cases, I will get EVPs in which the entity will sound like one of the occupants in the house.  Case example: A case in Yuba City, CA, the patriarch of the household will hear his son talking in the bedroom.  When the father opens the bedroom door, his son is not in the room, in fact his son is outside playing with his sister. Another case that occurred in San Jose, California, the mother of the household hears her daughter chanting and she runs into the hallway to see her daughter walking down the hallway and then vanishes.  The mother opens up her daughter's bedroom door and her daughter is sound asleep. Is it possible that these children are astral projecting and that is why family members see them as ghostly figures?  Or is it a ghost or demon mimicking the children of these households? One EVP that I captured, it sounded like the couple's daughter. The EVP said..."it's time to leave now!"  The daughter was in the bedroom sleeping, so we knew it wasn't actually the daughter talking into the recorder.  The mother listening to the EVP exclaims.."that's my daughter's voice!!" The mother and I, ran into the daughter's bedroom and yes, she was in a deep sleep.   


My uncle Jose "Joe" Causing was a Merchant Marine and when he made a stop in India, he heard about a cryptid called the Crocotta. The Crocotta is a mythical dog wolf and is seen in India and Ethiopia. Its appearance is of a large dog, head of a hyena, has a horse like main, and a tail of a lion. A local saw a Crocotta that was orange yellow with spots. The local told my uncle that the Crocotta can mimic human speech and will sound like it's in distress.  The local said the Crocotta that he encountered cried like a small child and was yelling "Āmākē sāhāyya kara" (which means "help me" in Bengali).  The local ran over to where he heard the voice and encountered the Crocotta.  The Crocotta chased the local and when the local reached 3 people on a trail, the Crocotta vanished.  The local told my uncle to be wary of where he walks and the Crocotta is known to be deadly. 

When I was stationed in Germany with the US Army, I took some R&R with my Sergeant Major to Slovenia and Croatia. While visiting these countries, I would ask the locals about various paranormal legends, and I was told about two legendary  doppleganger stories.  The first story is about a woman waiting for a bus and across the street she sees a bus passing by and in the last window of the bus, she sees herself staring back at her.  One week later, her father died. She believes by seeing her doppleganger, that she was cursed. The other story I heard about is that a popular teacher was teaching her class to her 5th grade students. The students looked out the window and saw their teacher outside tending to her roses and she was also in the classroom teaching a history lesson to her students.  When the children told the teacher that she was also outside tending to her roses, the teacher looks outside and her doppleganger had already vanished. 


Jihanna is a paranormal experiencer and she contacted me on the paranormal hotline. She had a very interesting story to tell.  This is her story. Jihanna tells me that last year in her home in downtown Sacramento, she encountered the paranormal phenomenon the Black-Eyed Boys. She remembers that in June 2009, she saw a tall skinny kid with a baseball cap on, dirty white t-shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes standing with a short stocky boy wearing a flannel red shirt, blue jeans and tennis shoes standing out on her driveway. They kept looking towards her kitchen window and she thought it was quite odd, because their faces seemed to be blurry. No matter how hard she tried, she could not recognize their faces. Every part of their bodies were crystal clear, but when she looked at their faces, their faces were completely indistinguishable.

The boys stood on her driveway for up to two hours and still looking towards the kitchen window. Finally, she had enough and went outside to confront the boys. When she confronted the boys, she noticed that they had no white in their eyes. Their eyes were completely black. Cold chills ran down the back of her spine. Somehow, she mustered up enough courage to ask them why they were standing in her driveway. The boys simply said…”we are sorry, we are just hungry, can we come in for a bite to eat?” She told them no. They kept asking if they could come in, Jihanna ran back to the house and locked the door, she was terrified.

Jihanna says in her own words:

"For a period of three days straight, they kept showing up on my driveway. Enough was enough and I called the police. When the police came they were nowhere in sight. After that, they never showed up on her driveway, but every once in a while, she would see them in the downtown area, like they were following her.  Jihanna says: "They will be behind a tree, I will drive to another section of Sacramento and I would see them again or I will see them on the side of the road as I am driving by and they will just stare at me. What is amazing is that they can be in two different locations miles apart as quickly as I can drive from one point of town to another point of town.

They always wear the same clothes. This year, I haven’t been pestered by these black-eyed boys and I hope they will never come back again.

UPDATE: In 2014, Jihanna had some new neighbors that moved in next door. The neighbors were a couple (husband and wife) and their 2 boys. The 2 boys resembled the black-eyed boys! The only difference, is that she can make out their faces, one boy was skinny with the same baseball cap on and a dirty white t-shirt and the brother was a short stocky boy wearing a flannel red shirt. It was uncanny, how they resembled the black-eyed boys that once terrorized her. The brothers when wearing other type of clothes helped Jihanna forget about the black-eyed boys, but she wonders if the black-eyed boys were somehow connected to these 2 brothers or they were mimicking a future event?  



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