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Wendigo Mimics a Crying Baby



Wendigo Mimics a Crying Baby
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations


I am now retired from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.  One of my tasks was being the Custodian of Records.  I worked with a multitude of attorneys, judges and law enforcement personnel in locating various records for court cases. Some law enforcement personnel from other states became very familiar with me, as I became familiar with them, since I was providing many documents for their cases. Many documents received my stamp of approval, that they were true copies from the original.  When working with a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (officer) in obtaining records, it became a long process as there were many documents to scan. I became sort of good friends with the requesting officer.  We would discuss the weather in Canada vs the weather in California. Or we would discuss what we had going on for the weekend.  When I told the Canadian officer that I was a paranormal investigator, he became very interested in some of my cases.  One day, I casually asked him if he ever worked on a Wendigo case (as a joke).  To my surprise, he told me that he once talked with a terrified hunter that made claim that while walking through the woods, he kept hearing a baby crying.  The hunter was mystified on why a baby would have been brought out to the deep woods, where there are other hunters and wild animals. The hunter gravitated toward the crying noise and when he reached an embankment, he was horrified to see a 10-foot-tall skinny humanoid with antlers on his head. The creature had pale skin.  The hunter realized he was looking at a Wendigo.  The Wendigo hissed at the hunter and started walking towards him.  The hunter ran as fast as he could and luckily for the hunter, came upon 3 other hunters. He told the 3 hunters what he encountered, and they laughed at him.  The reason why the hunter related the story to the Canadian officer is because once again, he heard a baby crying in the woods, but this time he did not encounter a Wendigo.  I asked the Canadian officer if he believed the hunter and the Canadian officer says he also hears a lot of Bigfoot stories, so he feels there just might be strange creatures in the woods. The Canadian officer says during his work with the force, he has never encountered anything paranormal, but has heard many stories from hikers, hunters, campers, in regard to paranormal encounters.  The Canadian officer closed the conversation by saying with so many people seeing things, there has to be something odd going on.   

So, what is a Wendigo? Native Americans say that a Wendigo is an immortal evil spirit and the essence of this cryptid centers on cannibalism.  Wendigos are cursed creatures that wander the land, looking  for their prey.  Wendigos seek human victims, so they can consume their flesh.  They have a voracious appetite.  The name Wendigo was translated to mean cannibal in 1860 by a German explorer. Wendigos are known to frequent the woods of Minnesota and various areas of Canada. Ontario, Canada has many sightings of the Wendigo and locals call Ontario the Wendigo Capital of the World. Legend  has it that a Wendigo can transfer its soul into a human being and make that human being kill and consume a human victim.  Like the case of the killing of Tim McLean. On July 30, 2008, Tim McLean, a carnival barker took a bus and was headed home to Winnipeg.  On the bus, he encountered Vince Li. As Vince Li was boarding the bus, Tim gave him a small nod of recognition as Vince sat across from Tim with the aisle separating them.  Tim placed on his headphones and fell asleep. Vince kept hearing voices in his head that he must kill Tim or Tim will kill him.  Various parapsychologists believe those voices were from a Wendigo, that Vince was possessed by a Wendigo spirit.  Vince got up from his seat and proceeded to stab Tim over and over again.  The passengers on the bus ran outside for safety and witnessed Vince stabbing Tim many times in the chest and neck and eating Tim's heart and severing his head.  Many Canadians to this day believe that the Wendigo spirit possessed Vince Li.  

Former A Lister Star Armie Hammer text a female acquaintance that he was 100 percent cannibal.  Armie Hammer at the age of 7 moved to the Cayman Islands and lived in the Cayman Islands for 5 years.  It is known that Canadians enjoy vacationing in the Cayman Islands. A Canadian writer that used to write for my newsletter said that a Wendigo possessed Canadian on vacation in the Cayman Islands could easily transfer that evil energy into another human being.  Now this theory may be plausible as my half-brother Joseph Soyo while partying in the Cayman Islands remembers a drunken Canadian man yelling at a woman saying that he would devour her.  Security had to escort this Canadian vacationer to his hotel room.  So, I wonder if Armie Hammer encountered a Canadian tourist that was possessed with the Wendigo spirit and the spirit transferred into Armie's body at a young age?  The only reason I am throwing this theory out there is that I came across a twitter message saying that Armie Hammer is a Wendigo. Anything is possible, either Armie is psychologically disabled and obsessed with cannibalism or somehow, he became possessed by the Wendigo spirit while living in the Cayman Islands. I will let you decide.  

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A wendigo is a folk lesson against cannibalism. You eat people, contract prions disease and "become" a wendigo". 

Hollywood added the antlers. 

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