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Swamp Gas: Alien Coverup, Alligator Love Noises, or Hill-billie Lighter Games?




Many who come to the Unexplained Mysteries website (hint, you’re here now) are at least slightly aware that swamp gas was used to explain away mysterious lights in swamps of possible ufo sightings. The first newspaper articles appeared roughly in September 1966, but my counter argument is as follows.

Alligator Love Noises? Do alligators fart and if so is it a signal to other alligators that they are actively out and about? One could argue that alligators don’t fart due to their slow metabolism so gasses don’t build up to expel. It’s been shown that some fish do fart so it is feasible for a cold blooded animal to pass gas. It would be different for deepwater fish as gas buildup in a deepwater animal would be fatal.

And Now Lighter Games. I know we all have heard of, know someone, or have personally lit farts on fire. Why should our backwoods brethren be denied of such fun? With the advent of the internet you can see at least 2 of these phenomena, so here’s the start of your internet trip of lunacy.



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