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Uncle Creepies Halloween Extravaganza!




The great thing about October is it starts and ends with great Holidays. October first is 1001 day and of course the 31st is Halloween. With it now being officially the spooky season, I thought I would make a variety of horror recommendations for your watching, listening, and reading pleasure. 

So without further ado lets start off with the television recommendations shall we?

1) Home (X-files), the episode with the disturbing peacock family. They do everything as a family, and I mean ‘everything’.

2) Dreams (M*A*S*H) this episode showcase the nightmares of the doctors, nurses, and others working at the 4077th.

3) Supernatural season One - Bloody Mary (ep 5), Scarecrow (ep 11), Hell Home (ep17). Follow the Winchester boys on their Scooby Doo adventures.

4) Svengoolie (metv) - A ghoulish host spoofs bad Horror and Sci-Fi movies.


1) Dog Soldiers - British war games gone bad when our heroes have to face off against werewolves.

2) Exorcist - Oldie but goodie about expelling the devil

3) Poltergeist 1&2 -Caroline gets abducted by Ghosties as well as the follow up where they want her back.

4) Rigor Mortis - (Hong Kong Cantonese/Mandarins(?) language track with english subtitles) A tenement apartment complex that is beset by supernatural chaos.

5) kung Fu Zombies (Hong Kong (english Dub)) - A taoist necromancer raises the dead with comedic results.

6) The Tag Along (Taiwan - Mandarin language/ english subtitle) - Based on the Taiwanese urban legend “The little girl in red”.

7) Abbot and Costello Meet The Wolf man, Dracula, and Frankenstein. Three comedic movies where the comedy duo of Abbot and Costello meet the iconic Universal studios monsters.

8) Mr Sardonicus - a wealthy baron hires a doctor to perform experiments (1961 so not gory).

9) Freaks - A horror movie that deals with the abuse of circus performers using real circus performers. (Disturbing Content warning here)

10) Phantasm 1-5 - A series of Horror movies with Angus Grim as the ‘Tall Man’, flying murderous spheres with hidden weapons, a protagonist ice cream man with a skullet, and little people dressed as ‘Jedi grave robbers’.

11) Puppet Master - several movies with unique “living” dolls… erm I mean puppets that have their own quirky way of killing people. Hint: one is named leech woman (don’t worry she isn’t after your wallets folks).

12) Hexen - 1922 silent film about witches. 


1) Vampire Hunter D - half vampire hunts vampire nobles

2) Demon Lord Dante - precursor to Devilman.

3) Pet Shop of Horrors - no gremlins sold here, but when you purchase a pet at this store and you break the agreed upon contract your in for a bad time. So let’s learn from Mike and don’t pizza when your supposed to french fry.

4) Junji Ito collection - The well known horror mangaka got an anime adaptation of some of his horror shorts.

5) Castlevania - An American produced and animated cartoon based on the hit video game of the same name.


1) Monster Talk - A podcast that looks at monsters from folklore and legends, cryptids, and others with a critical eye and a bit of healthy skepticism.

2) The Horror - Relic Radio presents radio dramas from the 40’s- 80’s. Each broadcasted episode is a different horror story from a variety of radio dramas on NBC, CBS, and ABC radio.

3) HP Lovecraft literary podcast - The two hosts go through the entirety of Lovecraft’s stories and beyond. They have guest readers, as well as guests to help break down the story.

Short Stories:

1) Stephen King - The Night Flyer, Children Of The Corn.

2) Edgar Allen Poe - The Fall Of The House Of Usher, The Tell Tale Heart.

3) Clive Barker - The Hellbound Heart.

4) Arthure Machen - The Great God Pan.

5) H.P. Lovecraft - Color out of Space, The Curios Case Of Dexter Ward, Call of Cthulhu.

6) Clark Ashton Smith - The Tale Of Satampra Zeiros, The Planet Of The Dead, The Empire Of Necromancers, The Isle Of Tortuerers.

7) Algernon Blackwood - A Prisoner In Fairyland, The Wood Of The Dead, The Attic.


A reading of “Wendigo” a novella by Algernon Blackwood. Written in the early 1900’s so there will be outdated terminology which may offend. Just under 2 hrs.

Conclusion: So here are the Halloween recommendations from me to you. Each recommendation is a mix of known, well known, and lesser known horror bitties or tales of the weird that I have enjoyed over the years. Some are silly such as the Abbot and Costello movies, some outright eerie like Rigor Mortis and The Tag Along, and yet others that are your standard horror fare of differing levels of scary. Some of the short story recommendations appeared in weird tales magazine and will seem dated with unfortunate wording, though I don’t make excuses for the authors like H.P. Lovecraft and their racist views, I do and can separate the author from his work. To each their own and like all my recommendations they may or may not be up your alley. You do you.

Lets all spread our Holiday gloom… oh my! The suits just told me I have to say ‘Holiday Cheer’ due to the recent pandemic. So let’s start over and spread some Holiday Cheer by putting your Halloween recommendations down below.

  Bonus Content Below


Halloween music

J.S. Bach - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

Blue Oyster Cult - Don’t Fear The Reaper, Godzilla

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Ray Parker Jr - Ghostbusters (theme)

Marylyn Manson - This Is Halloween

Bobby (Boris) Pickett - Monster Mash

 Warren Zevon -Werewolf In London

M. Mussorgsky - Night On Bald Mountain

Ozzy Ozzborn - Bark at the moon, Mr, Crowley,  Hellraiser

Bahaus - Bela Lugosi’s Dead

Type O Negative - Black no. 1

Siouxie and the Banshees- Peekaboo

Creedance Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon

Voltaire - When you’re evil, Goodnight Demon Slayer.

Rasputina - Transylvanian Concubine.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem in D minor, K 626



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A couple more horror anime recommendations.

1) Garden Of Sinners (1-7)

2) Ghost Hound

3) Ghost Hunt

4) Shiki

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