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Necessity Of A Physical Church



In order to be a spiritual or religious person does one need to go to a physical church? Some would argue, yes, no, and something in between depending on which faith a person follows. Of course going to a physical building does have its benefits, such as remaining in touch with the religious community one might be affiliated with. 

On the other hand there will be those who say that their worship of (deity here) is a private matter to not be put on display for others mockery, entertainment, or even praise by those who have likeminded opinions. There are systems of faith that state being in nature is the same as a church/temple dedicated to one particular version of god.

Church attendance has been steadily declining in the US and atheist’s as well as nones or those who don’t have a particular faith have been more vocal during censuses conducted about religious belief. Now I’ve been pretty open about my atheism here on UM but perhaps I would have never left the church if my church services where this down below.


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Although I attend specific committee meetings when I need to know or say something, I haven't been to a Quaker meeting for worship in 15 years.

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As a mormon apostate I’m not allowed in their temples though some are quite beautiful. I have done the touristy thing and walked Notre Dame in France, and the parthenon in Greece I have found both to be stunning in their own way. Despite the beauty of these physical buildings I leaned more towards the concept an old Siksika friend said was nothing quite brings you closer to the creator than being in his creation. I found myself believing in a creator far removed from back then but I enjoy the sentiment just the same. 

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