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Little Girl Blue



Little Girl Blue
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

To see videos from this investigation, please go to my youtube channel. All videos entitled "Little Girl Blue" are from this investigation.  The link to my youtube channel is here:

Date to be there: November 12, 2022, Saturday. Time to be there: 3pm. Address to be at: XXXX Burns Way, Sacramento, CA. Contact: Kim, Catherine Defazio, Craig. Case #:  9B166199S052916V8213Z237. Activity: Orb caught on security camera dancing on Craig's car.  I watched the video, and it looked like a dancing orb, dancing all around his vehicle. Poltergeist activity caught on security camera, box tossed to the side and there was no wind outside to make the box fall over and tumble.  Nail gun topples over in the garage, there was no one around to push the nail gun. The nail gun incident was also caught on security camera. 

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire, Psychic Medium did a walk through and felt something underneath the backyard.  Craig was astonished, because there was something underneath the backyard.  A long time ago, there was a crawdad type of factory on the property, and they kept crawdads in storage underneath the ground.  Wish Fire also detected a coyote spirit in the backyard and the interesting thing about this was there was a coyote fur skin hanging in one of the bedrooms.  Wish Fire also detected a little girl spirit in one of the bedrooms and in the corner of my eye, I saw what looked like a little girl in a fluffy blue dress.  It was there for one second and then gone.  After Wish Fire did her walk through, I started an EVP Sweep.  An EVP Sweep is going into each room and doing multiple EVP sessions in each room. The bedroom where I saw the little girl in a blue dress, I was able to obtain an EVP of a little girl asking for her mommy and saying something about "outside".  Craig and Kim always felt there was a little girl in that bedroom and Wish Fire and I, confirmed it.  Wish Fire felt all kinds of spirit activity in this 1950 home.  Wish Fire did not feel that any of the entities in the home were harmful and felt that Craig had a protective spirit around him.  Wish Fire felt the poltergeist activity originates in the backyard and had me do a Roman Catholic blessing in the backyard.  

Special Note: On this investigation, we brought our two dogs Story and Champagne.  On the last investigation, they started barking at the house, when we were first arriving.  That house had demonic activity.  With the house today, they did not bark and it's probably because the spirits at this house are benevolent.  The dogs only get excited and start barking, when the activity is malevolent.  Story and Champagne are HPI's Canine Paranormal Investigators. 

We have another investigation. See information below: 
Date to be there: December 3, 2022 Saturday. Time to be there: 2pm. Address to be at: 3B620 43rd Street, Apt 3, Sacramento. Contact: Tyrell and Helen. Case # 9K1649P53457. Activity: They see black mass floating around the apartment. They also see lights with pink and blue hearts.


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