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Dogman at the Ciudad Juarez / El Paso, Texas Border




Dogman at the Ciudad Juarez / El Paso, Texas Border
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Now, you are probably wondering how I learned that there was a Dogman sighting on the Ciudad Juarez / El Paso, Texas border.  Well, it was from a simple conversation with a United States Border Patrol agent.  I am now retired from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and I am now able to talk about these things.  My titles at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife were Supervising Program Technician III and LRB (License and Revenue Branch) Custodian of Records.  As the Custodian of Records, I was responsible in providing confidential documents to law enforcement officers throughout the USA and sometimes International.  Some of these confidential documents would be sent off to judges and prosecuting attorneys.  I would handle all of the subpoenas that would come into the office.  The copies I would send off were stamped as "true copies" and signed by me.  One day, I received a call from a US Border Agent, and he needed confidential documents on a California hunter.  The US Border Agent had to testify in court and needed the documents as back up to his case.  When the US Border Agent called, we had a pleasant conversation.  The US Border Agent was looking forward to his weekend off and casually asked me what I was doing for my weekend off.  I told the agent I had a paranormal investigation to conduct.  This peaked the agent's curiosity, and he asked me about my investigation.  This triggered the agent to tell me his story of working the border at Ciudad Juarez / El Paso, Texas and experiencing something of high strangeness.

Before we got to the agent's story, we discussed how Ciudad Juarez is the femicide capital of the world. So many women are found dead and at one point of time Ciudad Juarez didn't have enough ambulances to pick up all of the dead bodies.  We pondered if Ciudad Juarez was the home of many serial killers.  The agent told me that up to 370 women have been killed in Juarez from 1993 to 2005.  The agent says that while patrolling the border, he has seen ghosts and once even seen a full body apparition of a woman.  The agent believes that the ghost he saw was a murder victim.  He says that the border between Juarez and El Paso is very haunted.  The agent also told me he came across a so-called Chupacabra and realized it was a coyote with mange.  The agent believes that all of the Chupacabra sightings are coyotes with mange, he does not feel there is anything supernatural with those sightings.  But the strangest thing he saw was a Mexican immigrant running from a van on the Mexico side and heading into the US side of the border.  The agent had his eye on the driver of the van. The driver was a pollero aka coyote, which basically means a human smuggler. As the van turned around and took off, the agent then concentrated on the Mexican immigrant trying to cross the border.  As the immigrant got to the 18-foot fence, the immigrant changed into a hairy type of humanoid, his face looked more like a dog.  The agent could not believe his eyes as he was telling the man to stop where he was.  Then all of a sudden, the man who now looks like a bipedal dog, leapt over this 18-foot fence.  When the creature/man lands on the US side, he ran off on all fours, like a dog.  The agent could not believe what he saw and never discussed it with his colleagues, because he did not want to be ridiculed.  The agent felt comfortable in telling me, because I deal with the paranormal and have an open mind when I hear stories like this.  I promised the agent I would never reveal his name, if I ever wrote about this when I retire and I will keep that promise.  The agent believes he saw a man transform into the Dogman and I only wonder if this Dogman was one of the femicide serial killers of Juarez?  



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