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Spiritual War in Woodland?




Spiritual War in Woodland?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Film Footage of the Haunting Activity at East Street Classics & Wraps:

11/21/2022: Today, a gentleman named Juan Ayon and his partner Steve Botello contacted me about their workshop called "East Street Classics & Wraps". 
Case # 5A308C4847R17  - Juan believes there is a spiritual war going on in Woodland, CA.

Juan explained to me that he owns East Street Classics & Wraps and is having all kinds of paranormal experiences at this shop.  At times, a strange mist or fog rolls in and the fog acts like it has intelligent movement as it circles around his shop and even at times enters his shop.  There have been times in which Juan and his friends and family have seen entities inside the fog.  Entities and orb like phenomena have been seen in the trees.  On one particular day a strange ray of light came from the sky and engulfed the shop.  Ray has heard disembodied voices in the shop and at times will talk to the entity and the entity will obey Juan's commands.  Juan may tell the entity that if he is good, he can stick around, and the entity will actually settle down.  Juan's security cameras have captured a lot of the paranormal activity at his shop.  

Juan says in his own words - Note: I minimized the paragraphs for better clarity:
"The entity showed himself to me, right in my shop and I yelled at him to get the fxxx out of my shop about 100 times.  

When the entity stood up, he was in front of my ex-girlfriend and he snarled at me. He was red and I could see right through him. His eyes didn't lift up I could see his whole body, also his face. He was at least 6 to 7 ft tall. He snarled at me.  I couldn't understand what I saw and it caused drama between me and my ex-girlfriend.  I could hear the entity talking and I was also able to see the entity jump from body-to-body."

East Street Classics & Wraps is just one more place that is considered haunted on Main Street.  Tourists and locals have talked about ghosts and spirits haunting Woodland, CA and especially on Main Street.  The talk of ghosts in Woodland, CA has been going on for over 200 years.  According to the Sacramento Bee, a devastating fire took out most of the buildings on Main Street between 1st and 2nd Street during the year 1892. I have conducted many paranormal investigations at private residences in Woodland and I also have investigated the following public places in Woodland:

1. Snowball Mansion: 
The Snowball Mansion is haunted by Lucy Snowball, she is seen roaming the hallways and at times feeding her baby.  In 1877, John Wells Snowball, an English businessman, constructed a gorgeous mansion for his new bride named Lucy Ann Knight. Lucy was the daughter of William Knight who founded Knights Landing. John became rich working as a merchant. John opened his first store in Knights Landing, after a previous store burned to the ground.  John was also a gold miner in 1850 and he became the Associate Justice of the Court of Sessions and land investor. He married Lucy in 1853 and their romantic journey began. The journey was short lived as tragedy was on the horizon. It is believed the mansion is haunted by the spirit of Lucy Snowball who aimlessly roams the hallways. Windows rattle from room to room. Cold chills are felt. Locals have said that the lights turn on and off, on their own accord.  Lucy is known to awaken guests. One former B & B guest saw her walk through the wall where the door to the nursery once was. Some have even seen her attending to a ghostly child. When I investigated Snowball Mansion, I was able to obtain an EVP of a woman crying.  

2. Porter Building:  
See my paranormal investigation write-up on the Porter Building at the link below:

3. The Woodland Opera House:
William Porter was a volunteer fireman who died fighting a fire in Woodland, Ca.  One of his favorite places to go was the Woodland Opera House and many ghost hunters, locals and tourists have made claim that they have seen the full body apparition of William Porter roaming around the Opera House.  People have seen full body apparitions of other ghosts that haunt the theater.  People have complained about odd smells and mysterious sounds, like glass breaking or doors slamming.  When I investigated the Opera House, our EMF reader was going like crazy on this one particular seat and I obtained an EVP at that seat, in which a male voice says: "Are you looking at me?"  Another HPI investigator felt cold chills as they entered a private room.   Another investigator felt a hand caress her face.  Two investigators saw a man and woman apparition sitting in the back row and as they approached, the ghostly couple vanished.  A ghost hunter from another group says he came across a man sitting in a middle seat and he had an unusual "long jaw" and disappeared as soon as he got close to the apparition. This ghost hunter nicknamed the ghost as "Long Jaw" and plans to seek him out again.    

4. Yolo County Courthouse:  
At the Yolo County Courthouse HPI obtained an EVP of a grumpy sounding man saying:  "Move along now!"  One of my female investigators says that her hair was stroked by an unseen force.

So, as you can see Woodland, CA is very haunted, and a lot of the activity is right on Main Street!  




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