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Twas the night before moola’s hobo Shepards pie




     At the time this drops it wll be past Thanksgiving so no tales of pin the scalp on the pilgrim that was a traditional game played when I spent that holiday on the res with friends. Perhaps those in a Turkey coma will awaken from their triptifan slumbers, stretch and yawn as  they realize “Woah! I’m missing out on some nuggets of weirdness from NBM.” Well one can imagine can’t they?

     So I will do a single Christmas blog this season. To tell the long and short of it, I’m not a big fan of Christmas as I had worked many a year in retail and had seen first hand how people would act trying to get Gizmo X that year. Sure online shopping and the pandemic has toned it down a bit yet it’s still an annoyance.

I will do a few things with this entry, list some other holidays that take place at this time of year, holiday movie recommendations, and perhaps post a few xmas icons.

Kwanzaa  Dec 26- Jan 14 - means “first fruits” and is based off an ancient African harvest festival. Fruits and candles are used in displays. Candles sit in a Kinara (candle holder). This holiday was created in 1966 by Mausang Karenge an African American activist. Kwanzaa is also celebrated in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. 

Soyal Dec 22- A Hobi/Zuni winter solstice where they ceremonially bring back the sun.

Las Posadas Dec 16-24th - Latin American and Spanish holiday where families, friends, and neighbors dress as Angels and Shepards. Two people dress as Mary and Joseph.

Honorable mentions - Hanukkah, winter solstice, 

Christmas Movies:

1) Christmas In Connecticut 

2) Miracle On 34th Street

3) It’s a Wonderful Life

4) A Christmas Carol

5) Christmas Story

6) The Lemon Drop Kid

7) Tokyo Godfathers. 

8) Krampus

9) Nightmare Before Christmas

10) Bass Rankin - The Leprechauns Christmas Gold, Santa Clause Is Coming To Town, Rudolf’s Shiny New Year, Jack Frost, A Miser Brothers Christmas, Little Drummer Bou.

11) Die Hard (so I don’t get “What about the Bruce Willas Movie? It happens at Christmas.”)

Should I do Christmas songs? Yea cause I can.

1) It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

2) I’m dreaming of a white Christmas ***(see hidden content)

3) Jingle bells.

4) Santa Clause is coming to town

5) Youtube Christmas list, because I’m being that damn lazy.


Honorary Christmas peeps.

1) The Grinch 

2) Mr. and Mrs. Clause

3) The clauses slave labor force, the Elves.

4) Little Baby Jesus.

5) Group mugshot of holiday hooligans.





Dreaming of a white Christmas isn’t the same as dreaming of a K K Kristmas. Get over yourself Ahole. If you have that much time to think up or support that nonsense, get a life.



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