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We are all seen





We are all seen

To love is to actually ‘see’. Loving parents know this, as well as those who have deep friendships, or who care for others when they show need, struggle, etc. Love brings its own brand of suffering. To see as deeply as Jesus did must have been very soul-wrenching indeed. Imagine, loving all, the same way a loving parent loves their child, even deeper and more all-encompassing. Each human being seen in their depths, understanding everything, yet loving totally. Is it no wonder that we are told not to judge others on that deep, intimate level, not even ourselves, but to simply trust in the love and compassion of God, who is revealed as “Father”.Br.MD


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Davros of Skaro


He sees you when you´re sleeping,
And he knows when you´re awake.
He knows if you´ve been bad or goodSo be good for goodness sake.

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