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Haunted Azerbaijan



Haunted Azerbaijan
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Today while walking my dogs Story and Champagne, I saw my neighbor Ot Man clearing out some yard waste. Ot Man is my neighbor's nickname and I will refer him as Ot Man in this article. Ot Man and his family are from Azerbaijan.  Azerbaijan is located in southwestern Asia.  The Great Caucasus Mountains are to the North, the Caspian Sea is to the East, Armenia to the West and Georgia and Russia to the North.  One of the questions I asked Ot Man "is it safe to travel to Azerbaijan"?  Ot Man said when in his country, you have to keep a watchful eye for any armed conflicts and terrorism.  Not the greatest place to go as a tourist.   Ot Man knows I am a paranormal investigator and asked me about some of my upcoming investigations.  That lead the conversation to a question I love asking.  That question to Ot Man "is Azerbaijan a haunted country"?  Ot Man said "definitely". 

Ot Man told me about the beautiful Ramana Tower (Castle).  This tower was built in the 12th century and was mostly used as a defense location. The tower is located in the Ramana village of Baku.  During the Shirvanshah's reign, the tower was utilized by the Azerbaijan forces against the Ottoman empire.  With conflicts comes death and the tower to this day is haunted from past conflicts.  Ot Man says late at night, you can hear battle screams.  Ot Man had his own experience at the tower.  Ot Man came face-to-face with a ghostly Azerbaijan warrior holding a long blade. The ghostly warrior walked past Ot Man.  Ot Man says that it seemed like the ghost did not notice him.  I explained to Ot Man, that he probably witnessed residual energy.  Ot Man said in one area of the tower, it was ice cold. The ice cold room stayed cold for a good 10 minutes and then it was warm again. Ot Man said it was a hot day and there was no reason for that room to be so cold.  Ot Man feels that there were spirits in that room, which caused the room to turn cold.  Ot Man said he would never want to visit this tower during the night.  There were areas of the tower, that caused him to have goosebumps, because some areas of the tower are just plain creepy.  Those are Ot Man's words.

Ot Man says one of the most haunted areas in Azerbaijan, is where the Khojaly Massacre took place at.  Azerbaijan and Armenia got into a conflict on February 26, 1992.  The conflict began when the Soviet Union dissolved. The Armenian Army took over the town of Khojaly.  The Armenian Army used heavy artillery and tanks.  613 civilians were killed.  The conflict was extremely violent and bloody.  1,275 Azerbaijanis were missing and are believed to be dead.  This conflict was horrendous in every way, not only were people killed, but they were also tortured.  Armenian soldiers took some of their captives and set them on fire. Some victims of this conflict had their scalps peeled off, ears cut off, noses cut off, eyes removed and their privates cut off.  There seemed to be no limit to the violence that the captives faced by Armenian forces.  Some of the captives were children and elderly people.  

Ot Man says the areas where the conflict took place, locals can hear people screaming late at night.  The screams are from the dead.  Ot Man says that his own family has seen apparitions wandering around the countryside and on the streets late at night.  Ot Man says that a former school mate came across a man on his knees, he was bleeding from his head and yelling "mena komek edin" which means "help me".  Ot Man's former school mate was so scared, that he ran from the apparition.  He knew it was a ghost, because the ghost was transparent in some places of his body. 

Ot Man assured me that Azerbaijan is very haunted and will remain haunted until the end of time.  Ot Man says that too much tragedy has happened in Azerbaijan and this dark history will stay with the country forever. 


"Was just googling things about the place. I was there few days ago and in the dining room I felt light-headed and felt a pinching in my heart. I’m healthy and was fine everywhere else. I’m also an Air Force vet. I never felt a fainting sensation in my life, before in my life. It was very strange, a couple gave away their ticket to go to the rest of the castle.   Me and my fiancé didn’t go. We were here on our honeymoon. The part of the castle where I experienced the paranormal activity was good enough for me."


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