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Random bits of insanity.




Well it’s coming near on high the end of 2022. I thought that I would share some of my favorite movies, music, and podcasts.

First off the movies. Krull, The Dark Crystal, and Divine Move which I’ve added trailers down below. Others include - Conan The Barbarian, original Star Wars Trilogy, Ninja Scroll, Ghost In The Shell, Akira, Never Cry Wolf.



Now Bands/music: Blue Oyster Cult, The Hu, and Dorthy with sample songs below. I also enjoy - Butcher Babies, In This Moment, Otep, and Kitty. 



And now a list of some of my favorite books and series.

1) Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan

2) Black Company - Glen Cook

3) Beowulf - Anonymous 

4) Mercy Thompson series (urban fantasy) - Patricia Briggs


1) Monster Talk

2) Anime World Order

3) Old Time Radio (Horror/Suspense/The Shadow/Flash Gordon… etc)

I hope everyone has a good holiday season and my next blog will drop on the new year.

Addendum: I realized I hadn’t included favorite tv shows so lets go from weak sauce post to super sentai blog.

Tv Shows: Supernatural, M*A*S*H, X Files, Spartacus, Classic Dr, Who, Babylon 5.




Last but not least the pbbbtttthhhhh! Awards go to my least favorite shows, movies, books etc.

1) Friends

2) Seinfeld

3) Buffy The Vampire Slayer (tv series)

4) Twilight (books/movies)

5) Brandon Sanderson Stories. (As a person he is wonderful, his stories I just don’t like)

Honorary Mentions: Come Drink with me (movie), Flying Guillotine (movie), Godzilla franchise (movies), Butcher Babies (band), Iliad, Odyssey, Divine Comedy, Paradise Lost/found (epic poems), 

****Note: Feel free to agree/disagree with anything on the lists.


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