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Incarnation by Lisa Abad Brown



Below is a quote from a blog post by Lisay Abad Brown.  This blog post deals with the Incarnation in a powerful down to earth way.  . 


Lisa Abad-Brown

Lisa Abad-Brown


In 100 words or less, we think of the incarnation this way (ala, my favorite, Rolheiser); in the beginning God created the world and everything in it, concluding with humanity. But humanity soon strayed and God, in His mercy decided to send His Son, as an infant, who was God but also fully human, to be with us in our own history to show us the way. Jesus was with us for 33 years revealing God’s nature, teaching great truths, healing people, working miracles, but was eventually falsely accused, arrested, crucified, and died. He rose from the dead, spent some time helping his disciples adjust to this new reality, and then ascended into heaven. But, the story does not end there. We don’t believe that the incarnation is something that began in Bethlehem and ended on the cross. Rather, we believe the incarnation continues in us. Jesus’ Body now on earth is US. When St. Paul calls us the Body of Christ, he isn’t speaking metaphorically, saying we “symbolize” or “resemble” Christ. Our scriptures simply say that WE ARE the body of Christ, now, physically, concretely, continuing God’s mission.

Continue reading:  https://lisaabadbrown.com/2023/01/06/incarnation/


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