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Ohhh the horror! Not just for halloween you sexy witch.



So today I’m going to discuss my two favorite witch related movies that doesn’t involve beach faring ones. I guess this will be a non bologna filler episode, lets get to it shall we.

To get us in the mood a song…. 


Now for the first movie for todays discussion is the 1922 silent film Haxan by Benjamin Christianson. Now if you don’t mind silent movies I highly recommend this movie. As with many silent movies the over exaggerated movements will lend itself quite nicely to being both funny and disturbing at the same time.



The second movie is the 2016 film ‘VVitch’ about a 1630’s era family that was banished from their town. This is a much slower movie as far as pacing is concerned but the payoff is quite excellant. So if you like the slow burn this movie is for you. One of the aspects I enjoyed was it’s portrayal of a family isolated from the other townsfolk and their decent in to madness, I am not a psychologist by any means so the things (outside the supernatural element) seemed fairly realistic.


And now for honorable mentions.



… Wait what? Oh I must have accidentally typed B instead of W, my bad. Now for the real honorable mentions.


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