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Growth in Monastic life, and other vocations




Growth in Monastic life, and other vocations
In the Christian Monastic way of life, we are not looking for enlightenment as such, but a slow often frustrating journey into the Heart of God. It is the growth of love that is sought, of service, and the patience to go for decades slowly arriving at that point in time when simplicity,love of others, and the letting go of the fear of pain grows.  I have seen everything come for the monks here to a point only at the time of death, or just before death.
When I have had a powerful experience, it comes on its own when I needed it, and was not looking for it.  Struggle, pain, failure can be the very triggers that allows the out poring of grace.   Perhaps humility is one main ingredient.
All vocations have the same elements when it comes to our journey towards union with God.  The process cannot be rushed, since in the end, it is grace that is the water that allows our souls, minds, and hearts to expand. 
Impatience is one of the greatest obstacles that I, and many must face.-Br.MD


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