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The Wounding of the Holy Spirit




The Wounding of the Holy Spirit
The Wounding of the Holy Spirit
“Be on the watch for the motive of your actions and remember that I am stretching out a helping hand. And keep watch on your lower nature,
the part that runs down your neighbor made in My image. Give the kind of affection that comforts. You know what I mean—the word, the glance.
I am in all ways of loving, just as Satan is in all ways of wounding. You see the source? You see the fruit?
Choose, and always be ready to choose Me. This is what it is to be always in love. It’s the direct route to Me.
Bossis, Gabrielle. He and I (Kindle Locations 3434-3438).
Pauline Books and Media. Kindle Edition.
As one enters more deeply into prayer, it can lead to places not anticipated when each of us begins the journey.  The ‘Fire’ of the Holy Spirit is what we all must walk through.  It reveals what needs to be let go of, repented of, and what needs to be simply open to the healing that the Holy Spirit desires for all of us.  It is the fire of the Holy Spirit that burns away all that impedes our journey toward union with the Infinite.
So the Holy Spirit wounds us by allowing us to peer into our inner depths and see what needs to be brought to light.  In order for this to happen the defenses of our egos need to be lessened so that the walls go down.   This is not always easy, since it can shatter a false sense of holiness that is based on being overly self-concerned with our standing before the Lord.  God’s love is not earned, it is a grace, offered to all.  
It can be difficult when we begin to see the inner conflicts that can be hidden under pious beliefs and shallow emotions.  One way to see this inner struggle is to watch how we react to others. To go deep enough to see that the love we are asked to show others may not be as we would like to think.  
All that keeps us bound must be brought into the light.  It is the only way.  That is why we need to trust in God’s love, mercy, and compassion for all.  When this becomes a reality, then we can open up our hearts to the self-knowledge that we need in order to be able to truly abandon ourselves into the hands of a loving, merciful God.  
Yes, it is a slow process, a lifelong journey, and humility allows us to bear it even with joy.—Br.MD


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