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The Tardis and Some Time Traveling Stories




The Tardis and Some Time Traveling Stories
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

The Tardis and Time Traveling 
I have always been interested in time travel.  I watched every time travel show on TV. Some of the shows I watched were Time Tunnel, Voyagers, Quantum Leap, Terminator, Loki, Back to the Future, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Doctor Who, The Philadelphia Experiment, Time after Time, Timecop, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Time Bandits and more!  As a little boy to my days as an adult, I have always enjoyed Doctor Who and remembering how I was glued to the TV, when Doctor Who would do some time hopping in his Tardis. The Tardis itself is an incredible vehicle.  The TARDIS is the acronym for ("Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space").  The Tardis is a time machine and spacecraft that takes Doctor Who to different time periods and strange dimensions and worlds.  The Tardis exterior appearance mimics a police box, an obsolete type of telephone kiosk that was once commonly seen on the streets in Britain. Paradoxically, its interior is shown as being much larger than its exterior, commonly described as being "bigger on the inside". It is odd that the Tardis interior is large inside, and its exterior is small on the outside. Some people who have been abducted by UFOs say that the UFO was small on the outside, but large in the inside, I could only wonder if the creator of Doctor Who was a person who extensively studied the UFO phenomena, to come up with an idea like that with the Tardis?  The Tardis is the name and design owned by the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and the original design was created by the Metropolitan Police Service.  Now let's discuss some time-traveling incidents, see below:

Before we move onto some time traveling stories, let me give you my theory on time traveling. We know for a fact that time traveling into the future is a strong possibility and traveling back in time is very difficult. If one day we manage to become a higher level of society and discover on how to travel back in time utilizing wormholes, we will discover that we will become "ghosts" in the past. The reason why we would be "ghosts" in the past is because we cannot disrupt past time, because it has already happened. We would be able to see the past, but we would not have the capability of changing the past or altering the past in anyway, we would be phantoms existing in the past.  A good example of that is the Moberly and Jourdain case.

Moberly and Jourdain Incident
Moberly and Jourdain made a decision to visit the Palace of Versailles and on August 10, 1901, their lives would change forever. During their visit they got lost at the gardens of Petit Trianon, when they finally reached the Grand Trianon, they discovered it was close to the public. They continued on and missed a turn at the Allee des Trianons and entered an unknown lane, bypassing their intended destination.  As they continued walking down the lane, they both felt oppression and dreariness. Their surroundings changed from something beautiful and pleasant to something that was flat and lifeless.  The wind in the trees stopped, they walked into a green mist and when they came out of the green mist they saw what they thought were very dignified officials. They saw a cottage in which a woman was passing a jug off to a girl in the doorway. The people that they observed seemed like they were in their own little world and did not notice Moberly and Jourdain.  The oddest thing that Moberly and Jourdain witnessed is a little man, dressed all in black, wearing a cloak who seemed to follow them and they felt he was evil.  They also saw a tall man with large dark eyes, wearing a large sombrero type of hat, that was able to interact with them and he pointed them the way to the Petit Trianon, where they feel they may have encountered Marie Antoinette. They say that the lady they believe is Antoinette was sitting in the grass, making a sketching.  She was wearing a light Summer dress and had a white hat to shield her from the sun. Her hair was fair and Moberly and Jourdain said that she had a striking resemblance to Antoinette. They have seen a portrait of Antoinette and the resemblance was spot on.  Moberly and Jourdain's story in those days would be considered as going "viral" and they had many critics that disclaim the story as a work of fantasy by Moberly and Jourdain. To this day, the story fascinates many people and perhaps, just perhaps Moberly and Jourdain walked into a time disruption portal and found themselves temporarily in France before the French Revolution.  

Captain "Crazy Jeff" Voshell
My ex-brother-in-law Captain "Crazy Jeff" Voshell has his own time traveling story. Voshell has a charter boat called the Orion that takes passengers to nearby islands like St. Croix; St. John; Carvel Rock; Great Tobago Island; Little Buck Island; Skydive Virgin Islands; Cockroach Island and Outer Brass Island.  Voshell was also a boat mechanic and worked on many boats, including film star Morgan Freeman's boat. At some point of time Jeff needed a vacation and flew out to Saint Barthelemy Island for a nice vacation and rest. Voshell would go out to this deserted beach area and relax. On his 3rd day on this island, Jeff laid out at the beach and fell asleep. When he awoke there were 8 men with long hair unloading wooden crates from a large wooden boat. Some of the sailors sported beards and mustaches.  They wore loose pants cut off below the knee, woolen stockings, woolen caps and a thigh-length blouse or coat. Voshell couldn't believe his eyes. He asked himself..."are these actors?" The men did not pay any attention to Voshell and continued taking wooden crates off the ship. At some point of time there was an ear-piercing shrilling sound that resonated at the beach and Voshell found himself closing his eyes and placing his hands over his ears. When the sound stopped, Voshell opened his eyes and the men were now gone, the ship was gone. Voshell was shocked at the sudden disappearance. Voshell was the only one on the beach, there were no other witnesses and Voshell feels he may have fallen into a time slip that took him into the 17th Century.  

John Titor
I sort of have a connection to John Titor.  Well, maybe an imposter. I was contacted by a gentleman claiming he was John Titor and he wanted me and my videographer to come to Los Angeles to interview him.  He wanted to conduct the interview at Iverson Location Movie Ranch.  We were prepared to go and HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) put the word out, that we were going to interview John Titor - Time Traveler. The press release of the interview went viral, and the masses claimed that this John Titor was a fraud, you can see some of the discussion here at this link:

Paul Interviews John Titor Discussion:

The man proclaiming he was John Titor called me and immediately canceled the interview, he said his life was being threatened.  I don't know if this was the real John Titor or an imposter, but all I know is the press release caused a major disturbance and I never heard from this John Titor again.  Now who is the real John Titor?  Between 2000 and 2001, an online bulletin board user self-identified as John Titor became popular as he claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 on a military mission. Holding the interpretation as correct and consequently every time travel paradox as impossible, he stated that many events which occurred up to his time would indeed occur in this timeline. These included a devastating civil war in the US in 2008, followed by a short nuclear World War III in 2015, which will "kill three billion people". Of course, these events did not occur, and some true believers say that perhaps these predictions did come true on an alternate timeline.  In the years following his last posts and disappearance in 2001, the non-fulfilment of his specific predictions made his popularity decrease. Criticism has pointed out flaws in Titor's stories and investigations suggested his character may be a hoax and a creation of two siblings from Florida.

Possible Hoaxes
My thoughts is that the John Titor story is a hoax and I also believe that the Moberly and Jourdain story was fabricated and these two ladies wanted attention and they got it with a book they published in regard to this time-traveling incident.  

So, you are probably wandering is there any time-traveling story that might be true. I do believe that there are two stories that have a ring of truth to them.  They are:

Possible True Time Traveling Experiences
In the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, the binary code translation states the year 8100.  I believe that some UFOs could be visiting Earth from other dimensions, other planets.  I also believe that some UFOs are us from the future and with the Rendlesham Forest UFO incident, it appears that the visitors were from the year 8100.  

And then you have Bruce Gernon, the pilot who was flying from the Bahamas to the Florida Coast on December 4, 1970 and was swept in an electric fog portal that whisked him to the Florida coastline in 47 minutes. When initially looking at this, a distance of 250 miles in 47 minutes, you could make it if you were going 319.14 MPH. This was a very documented case and is built on a foundation of truth. You can see more about this incident at this youtube episode below:




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