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Jungle Bird Haunted?




Jungle Bird Haunted?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Every week Wish Fire, Psychic Medium aka Deanna Jaxine Stinson and I, will be checking various locations to see if they are haunted.  Another DM (Direct Message) on Facebook was from Logan Owens of Alameda. Logan tells me that last Summer he went to the Jungle Bird in Sacramento with his girlfriend. When his girlfriend went to the restroom, she felt a furry large animal brush up against her leg. When she looked down there was nothing there.  Logan asks if I know if the Jungle Bird is haunted?  Wish Fire and I, had some down time today (3/16/2023) and decided to check out the Jungle Bird, which is located at 2516 J Street, Sacramento.  This establishment is very close to Sutter Fort which is known to be haunted.  I ordered Wish Fire a drink called the Buka Town Chi Chi. This is a drink that has the following ingredients: vodka; pineapple; hazelnut; coconut cream and French banana.  Deanna enjoyed her drink. When going inside the Jungle Bird, the lighting is very dim, but cozy. 

I did a few EVP sessions and my 7th EVP, I did get something that sounded like a growl. The EVP is poor quality, so I am going to dismiss it as positive evidence. I did notice that on one wall, there were various jungle hunting weapons. These weapons could have the spiritual imprint of a deceased animal. One weapon on the wall looked like an aboriginal bushwhacker that may have been used to kill kangaroos.  Wish Fire picked up on the energy of a large wolf.  There is one wolf known to live in the jungles, it's the Chrysocyon brachyurus. This wolf lives in the Amazon Rainforest.  There have been 22 sightings of this wolf in the Brazilian states of Mato Grosso, Amazonas and Rondonia.  So, with the possible growl EVP, Wish Fire picking up on a wolf spirit and Logan's girlfriend feeling a large hairy animal brushing up against her leg, the Jungle Bird just might be haunted by the spirits of deceased animals that were killed by the various hunting weapons displayed on the wall. I talked with the host and he is unaware of any haunting at the Jungle Bird. Case closed.  Our next cases will be the following establishments: The Aviary and The Bank. Both establishments are bars and restaurants. 



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