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The Snake Demon




The Snake Demon
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Date of House Blessing: 3/17/2023.  Sometimes when we get phone calls, it's from people who want to stay anonymous and they just want a house blessing, no investigation.  This was the case today, when I received a call on the paranormal hotline.  The client requested I refer to her as "Francis", which is her middle name. I told Francis that I will be writing an article about this case and she gave me permission to use only her middle name for the article.  Location of her home: Citrus Heights. When Frances called, she told me this is an emergency, she is being attacked by what she calls a "snake demon".  For the last 4 months, Francis and her husband have been terrorized by a snake demon.  I asked Frances why she calls this demon a snake demon?  Frances then gives me the rundown. Four months ago, Frances had a verbal confrontation with one of her neighbors.  Her neighbor after drinking at a bar, smashed into her parked vehicle. Frances came out and that is when the verbal confrontation got heated. Frances says they almost came to blows, but then the police showed up and Frances' neighbor was cited with a DUI. Frances says that her neighbor is not only a drunk, but she dabbles in black magic and feels her home is now cursed. Frances says that she has seen a large snake moving about in her kitchen.  When Frances approached the snake, it vanished. Frances' husband opened up the closet and saw the snake all coiled up and ready to strike. When Frances' husband closed the closet door and reopened it, the snake was gone. Sometimes when Frances and her husband are watching TV, they can hear the snake moving across the attic.  The straw that broke the camel's back is on one night Frances' husband was in bed asleep and then he violently started coughing and eventually he started vomiting. Frances' husband said that the snake was in his stomach and came out of his mouth!  The very next night, Frances felt something slimy moving up her leg and constricting her leg tightly.  Frances woke up from a dead sleep, raised up the covers only to see a snake clinging to her leg.  Frances screamed and screamed and screamed. The snake disappeared, but Frances noticed that there was something wet and slimy on her leg. Frances can only describe it as some kind of slimy goo. When Frances got up to use the shower, the slimy goo on her leg was gone. Frances felt like she was losing her mind.  Frances told me that she had enough and wanted to know if I could break the curse.  I told Frances, that I will do my best to help her.  

Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire, Psychic Medium and I, headed up to Citrus Heights immediately.  I asked Frances if we can conduct an investigation, before the cleansing.  Frances says "no".  Frances explained to me that she already knows she has a demon in the house and all she wants is the cleansing.  I convinced Frances that she and her husband should also have a full submersion baptism, in case the demon is attached to them.  Frances agreed. While I was baptizing Frances and her husband, Wish Fire walked around the house burning sage and palo santo word and saying prayers.  When I was baptizing Frances, she started coughing.  Her coughing seemed to go on and on, and finally it stopped. Frances looked at me and said that she felt the heavy weight lift off her shoulders.  Frances said she felt a great sense of relief. Frances no longer felt an evil inside her.  Wish Fire said that before she conducted her metaphysical cleansing, she also saw the snake demon as it was slithering down the hallway.  Wish Fire says that the snake looked like something from History Channel's Swamp People, where they go out chasing big snakes.  I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing and Frances' husband gave me a big hug and thanked me for coming over on a moment's notice.  Frances said that the atmosphere of the house felt pure.  Frances believes I was successful in cleansing her home.  

I will keep in touch with Frances and make sure that the snake demon is gone.  




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