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Is the Darling Aviary Bar & Grill Haunted?



Is the Darling Aviary Bar & Grill Haunted?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

3/23/2023: Sometime in July of 2022, I received a direct message on my Facebook from Kailani Mondal of San Jose. Kailani was in Sacramento visiting her two female cousins and on one night, they decided to go out and stopped off at the Darling Aviary Bar & Grill. The night was fabulous as they overlooked the city from the top floor.  At some point of time, one of Kailani's cousins wanted to go outside for a cigarette, so they took the elevator down to the lower floor. While in the elevator, Kailani's cousin had something funny to say and they started laughing out loud. Kailani noticed that in the elevator was an older lady in what looked like Victorian style clothing. When Kailani and her cousins were laughing out loud, the older woman looked at Kailani and placed her forefinger across her mouth and said..."shhhhh!"  Kailani was startled that this older woman would do that. As Kailani and her cousins came out of the elevator, Kailani asked her cousins if they saw the older woman shh'ing them. To Kailani's surprise, her cousins NEVER saw the older woman in the elevator. Kailani asked her cousins, how could you miss her, she was standing in the corner!  Kailani said she only had one drink, it wasn't like she was drunk or anything. I asked Kailani if she might have some psychic abilities. Kailani says she has been told that she has a psychic gift.  I explained to Kailani that with her psychic abilities, that is probably why she saw the apparition and her cousins did not.  Also, there is the factor that Darling Aviary is located close to the once famous Old Record Store on K Street Mall. The Old Record Store was haunted by an old woman in Victorian style clothing and she did not like loud noises.  There was an incident in which a customer was talking loud and the old woman ghost appeared and told him to "be quiet".  The old woman ghost is probably haunting nearby establishments of the Old Record Store.  Kailani was very surprised to learn that she may have encountered the ghost of the Old Record Store.  I told Kailani when I have time, I will check out Darling Aviary.  That day has come and Deanna Jaxine Stinson, Psychic Medium picked up on a little girl that is playful, but did not pick up on the old woman. I did an EVP sweep and did not obtain any EVP evidence.  

Sacramento is a very old town and has been around since 1850, so there are many places and locations in Sacramento that are haunted. We even brought our K-9 Paranormal Investigators Story and Champagne to Darling Aviary Bar & Grill and they didn't detect anything. As we walked down K Street the dogs got excited as we came upon the Crest Theater.  The Crest Theater is known to be haunted and when I did an investigation at the Crest Theater our EMF Reader went off at this one seat and when we snapped a photo, we got a blue mist hovering over one seat. Another investigator obtained an EVP of a woman saying "move away".  Crest Theater is not too far away from Darling Aviary Bar & Grill. So, I have to wonder if some of these ghosts on K Street are spilling over to other establishments, it sure seems like it is. When I can investigate more in this area, I might just get my answers.  

After our investigation, I gave our dogs a nice walk at John C. Fremont Park, 1515 Q Street, Sacramento and Deanna felt the spirit of a white fox at the park. One of the things that makes Sacramento so haunted and not a lot of people realize is that the Sacramento River Massacre occurred on the embankments of the Sacramento River.  An expedition party lead by Captain John C. Fremont of Virginia slaughtered the Wintu people at the Sacramento River. The park where I walked my dogs, is named after the man that slaughtered these native people. Anywhere from 125 to 900 Wintu people were killed. The Sacramento River Massacre happened around 1844. Sacramento has a bright future, but has a dark history.  That dark history brings out the many spirits that haunt our city.


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