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Sweet Baby Jesus In; The Soiled Diaper Of Destiny.





The huffing of paint, cat urine, or second hand marijuana smoke had no influence in the making of this blog post.

(Destiny commonly refers to a specific future or outcome that results from a predetermined or inevitable course of events. The word can also refer to the course of events itself or to the power or force thought to make such things happen. A close synonym for all of these senses of the word destiny is fate)

Todays topic is destiny, the question of the day is “Was I destined to write this and were you fated to read it?” Let me know in the comments below, you do have free will after all.

     Zeus and the moiki were responsible for deciding and carrying out ones destiny, the Babylonian god of writing Nabu wrote down the fates and destinies of mortals. Jesus was destined to be born god in the flesh and fated to die on the cross for our sins.

     While we’re on the subject of jesus can we touch on the spear of Longinus (not to be confused with the spear of vaginus, it’s all a matter of thrusting techniques) that pierced the side of Jesus as he hung on the cross. It’s even called the Spear of Destiny and has been featured in many books, tv shows, movies, and I imagine songs.

In fact members of the nazi party convinced Hitler that if he had the spear of destiny (along with other artifacts) that they would win the war and ensure his Third Reich would be realized. That of course never happened as the spear head hasn’t been proven to be found let alone have supernatural powers. 

      Perhaps if Adolf was a singer instead of a failed painter and poet, perhaps his ambitions would have led him elsewhere. Hear me out, Hitler was one hell of an orator, if he teamed up with Paul Joseph Goebbels, and Heinrich Himmler they very well could have been the male version of destinies child. Weirder things have happened just watch any think kanye (ye) west does.

     I say don’t rely on destiny or fate, instead grab life by the proverbial nuts and see where it takes you. It’s okay to look to the stars for your inspiration but their alignment to arcludian fungi in the aspect of geriatric denture cream is exactly that. Buncus. 

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I hope the paint, cat urine and pot smoke isn't mixed together in a toxic mess. :unsure2:

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I seem to recall the Soiled Diaper of Destiny from the Infancy Gospel of Jesus Christ...

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Oh yes only a fragment of a passage exists from a conveniently unnamed source. “…and our lord Jesus shateth which mary as was her duty cleaned his britches.” Translations ma vary.

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