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Movie Review: Amy's Fxxk it List (2023)



Movie Review: Amy's Fxxk It List (2023)
Director: Mark S. Allen
Writers: Howard Burd & Mark S. Allen
Stars: Alyson Gorske, Angel Prater and Mark DeCarlo
Reviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective - Halo Paranormal Investigations
Comments: This movie hit home with me. My best friend Jeff that I traveled to Moscow, Russia with had a malignant brain tumor.  He passed out a few times and was finally diagnosed with the same type of brain tumor that Amy has. This movie is actually a very powerful statement on how you go through life and certain people who feel they can get away with things, will try and walk all over you. Amy after learning she has a terminal brain tumor starts a "fxxk it" list, which is similar to a bucket list, but is more extreme.  Amy only has a week to live and Amy's sister convinces her to go the route of the "fxxk it list". Let me tell you, you don't want to get in Amy's way. She is a changed woman and is not taking anymore crap. The movie in some parts is very emotional, as Amy learns about her brain tumor.  Then things can get somewhat comical as Amy seeks out her revenge.  In the movie, I really enjoyed the aerial views of Sacramento and then there is references to the Stockton Strangler.  As I was watching this movie, I kept thinking of those references and wondered what it all means.  I started to wonder if Wesley Brownlee, the Stockton Serial Killer was the inspiration for the Stockton Strangler?  The Stockton Slayer was more like the Golden State Killer. Amy knowing she only has a few days to live, does whatever she wants to do and she isn't taking any crap from anyone! People cheer as Amy deals with a woman holding up a line, because she is on her cell phone. Don't cut off Amy's vehicle or you may have to deal with a baseball bat! Amy has a very abusive boss and let's just say, she gets her revenge in a big way.  There is some fast food retaliation and the big surprise is when she faces off with the Stockton Slayer!  

This is a movie that many people can relate to. Most civilized people will hold it inside as they deal with a micro-manager boss. They will hold it inside as they go through the drive through window at a fast food  restaurant and their order is all screwed up. How many times, did you want to stand up to the bully, but decided to back off.  In this movie, Amy has nothing to lose, so if you are a bully, beware!  Amy's Fxxk it List is a home run with its exceptional acting and outstanding storyline!  A must watch!


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