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The Invisible Porcupine Man of Sedona, Arizona



The drawing is by Thomas Ahearn. It depicts the Black Rose being attacked by Dracula. To her rescue is the rest of The Trio: The Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts and Hoppy. Concept by Paul Dale Roberts. Location of drawing: Dracula's Castle in Transylvania.

The Invisible Porcupine Man of Sedona, Arizona

By Paul Dale Roberts, Cryptozoologist

Sedona Facts:

Just like Mount Shasta or Skinwalker Ranch, Sedona is a place that is considered mystical. People have made claims that they have seen angels, UFOs, ghosts, shadow people, etc. Many people with New Age beliefs will flock to Sedona. They seek out enlightment. A total of 3.5 million visitors stop at Sedona on a daily basis.

I believe there are many mystical centers on Earth. Mount Shasta, Sedona, the Pyramids of Giza, Mount Shasta, the Bermuda Triangle and the list goes on and on and on. These powerful places are all connected by ley lines. These powerful places can manifest vortexes, dimensional rifts into other out-worldly domains. Perhaps we can even find a Stargate at a place like Sedona. Healers, psychics, artists and spiritualists find Sedona as a spiritual Mecca. Not only is Sedona a spiritual Mecca, but it's absolutely gorgeous (well, so I have been told). It has beautiful red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation. People believe they can be empowered at Sedona. They feel they can be healed and rejuvenated. They feel Sedona will stimulate their senses. They feel that they will become in tune to their sixth sense. I have also heard that Sedona opens the third eye of awareness.

People who visit Sedona, are like the people who visit Fatima. They wish for a miracle, they hope to be healed, they seek spiritual awareness. Michelle of Illinois claims to once have witnessed a large glowing Globe land in Sedona. From this Globe she saw 3 angelic beings depart from the Globe. Later the angelic beings re-entered the Globe and flew off at astronomical speeds.

Many people have claimed to have seen portals open up in and around Sedona. Some of these people claim they have seen strange beings walk out of the portals. Dan Stivers claims to have seen a flying snake go into a portal and the portal closed up and vanished.

I must admit Sedona is a strange place and it warrants an investigation.

Now let me share with you, the readers about an unusual phone call I received in regard to Sedona. Here it is:

Caller: Hi, my name is Rudy Joretta. Is this the paranormal hotline?

Paul: Yes, it is. How can I help you?

Caller: I just want to get your opinion on something. Or maybe you know something about this. I went to Sedona, Arizona with my wife. We traveled down from (left blank by request of caller). I must tell you Sedona is simply beautiful. Simply beautiful Paul. Have you been there?

Paul: No. I have been to the Superstitious Mountains though...but, never Sedona. I do want to go there. I have been all over Arizona though. Been to Phoenix, Old Tucson, Tombstone and I was once stationed at Ft. Huachuca, Arizona.

Rudy: Well, you need to see Sedona one day. Anyway...there was one night while I was up there, I was attacked by something invisible. I felt like something was shooting me with quills. My body had red botch marks all over. I feel like I was attacked by an invisible porcupine. My wife saw the red marks. One mark even looked like it was bleeding. I was in extreme pain for a while. The very next day, the red marks were gone. I have no idea what attacked me. What do you know about Sedona or have you heard about any attack like this?

Paul: Rudy, the only thing I actually know about Sedona is that New Age people are really attracted to Sedona, because some of them feel their are vortexes in and around this area. These vortexes may be the entry and exit points for UFOs. Then there is Bell Rock, where mystics think of this as a toning device to balance energies.

Rudy: Yes, I saw Bell Rock.

Paul: And I guess Miller House is supposed to be extremely haunted. It was owned by an actress named something Miller.

Rudy: Ann. Ann Miller and she thought it was haunted by an Indian and some other spirits. But, I don't think I was attacked by a ghost.

Paul: Why?

Rudy: I was hit by quill attacks. I never been hit by a porcupine, but I can imagine that is how it would feel and I got hit twice. Sedona is plain xxxx weird. Have you heard any reports of an invisible porcupine?

Paul: No. After the attack, did you see anything?

Rudy: I thought I saw a 7 foot shadow figure move between some rocks after the attack.

Paul: Wow! You didn't tell me that. Did your wife see it too?

Rudy: No.

Paul: Did you experience anything else paranormal?

Rudy: No.

Paul: In your whole life, have you experienced anything paranormal?

Rudy: No.

Paul: How about your wife?

Rudy: Hmm..she said her dad once saw a UFO in Tulsa.

Paul: Do you still have pain from the attack?

Rudy: No, not at all.

Paul: Can I use your name in the interview?

Rudy: You can, but change my last name.

Paul: Well, after I get this story published, I will see if I get any responses from my readers. I will find out if anyone else has encountered the Invisible Porcupine Man of Sedona, Arizona!


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