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Haunted Sierra Leone & Carcassonne



Haunted Sierra Leone & Carcassonne
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations

In 1974, when I was in the Army and stationed in Nurnberg, Germany, I went on a military discount bus ride to Paris, France.  This was a dream come true. To see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Versailles, Napolean Bonaparte's Grave, but the biggest thrill about this R&R (Rest & Recreation) vacation, was our stop at the fortified city of Carcassonne.  Carcassonne became famous for its role in the Albigensian Crusades when the city was a stronghold of Occitan Cathars. There is so much history attached to this beautiful fortress. I learned that in August of 1209, the crusading army of the Papal Legate, abbot Arnaud Amalric, forced its citizens to surrender. Viscount Raymond-Roger de Trencavel was imprisoned while negotiating his city's surrender and died by mysterious circumstances three months later in his dungeon. The people of Carcassonne were allowed to leave, without their belongings and the new viscount was Simon de Montfort. Simon added new fortifications to the massive Carcassonne. Of course, I was the only soldier asking about any stories of haunting activities at the Carcassonne.  The tour guide mentioned that he has seen strange moving shadows crisscross the walls. Locals have seen the appearance of two swords engaged in battle. The swords are seen, but no one is seen holding the swords. The locals call this strange phenomena "epees volantes", which means "flying swords".  The tour guide says that many people have been tortured and died in the dungeons. Some prisoners died of starvation and there were many skirmishes that resulted in the deaths of French soldiers.  With the deaths of many people at this historical site, it would be natural for this fortress to be haunted.   

I actually have two relatives that have made a stop at Sierra Leone - West Africa. My ex-brother-in-law Robert Mitchell, while he served on the Navy's U.S.S. Nimitz and my uncle Jose Causing who served with the Merchant Marines. Sierra Leone is a nice stop over according to Robert and Jose. A long time ago Sierra Leone's dense tropical rainforest and swampy environment were considered impenetrable. The people of Sierra Leone had ecological problems with the tsetse fly, which carried a disease fatal to horses and the zebu cattle used by the Mande-speaking people.  Because of the harsh conditions brought on by the tsetse fly, it drove off the Mandinka and other African empires trying to conquer this land.  The Mali Empire tried to influence the people of Sierra Leone, but again, the tsetse fly kept them at bay. Islam was introduced by Susu traders, merchants and migrants from the north and east, becoming widely adopted in the 18th century.  Jose explained to me that in the Outamba-Kilimi National Park, there are many hippos, chimpanzee and the Colobus Monkey.  According to the locals of Sierra Leone, there is one cryptid that you don't want to get close to, or gaze upon.  That cryptid is the "Monkey Devil". If you see the Monkey Devil that looks like a Colobus Monkey with horns, someone in your family will die that is close to you.   It's a curse to look upon the Monkey Devil according to my ex-brother-in-law. Jose said he talked with a local that saw the Monkey Devil twice and his wife and 1st born son died.  Robert says that you do not need to be in the jungle to come across the Monkey Devil.  The Monkey Devil has been seen in the city, on rooftops, in alleys. The Monkey Devil is a terrifying cryptid of Sierra Leone, many locals believe that this cryptid is a demon.  Other locals believe that the Monkey Devil brings disease to the people of Sierra Leone.  The living conditions in Sierra Leone can be over-crowding and unclean household items, that could be the source of various sickness. 



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