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The Bank Paranormal Investigation



The Bank Paranormal Investigation
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Snarly Leprechaun
The Bank is a bar and restaurant and I was told I should investigate The Bank. I received two DM (Direct Messages) from Facebook, from two different people. The first direct message that I got was from a lady named Darlene. Darlene says that when she went to The Bank to eat, she encountered a ghost that looked like a snarly leprechaun. The "snarly leprechaun" ran past her and vanished into a wall. She said the "snarly leprechaun" had a large nose and a wrinkled face. The clothes that the "snarly leprechaun" wore were like rags, torn short and torn pants. 

History of The Bank
The second DM I received was from a woman named Barbara Lancon from Modesto.  Barbara says that when she visited The Bank, she was poked in the ribs and her hair was stroked. The Bank is an old building. In fact, it was the D.O. Mills Bank Building. The Bank is connected to the Gold Rush of 1849. D.O. Mills is aka Darius O. Mills. At the age of 22, he set sail from his native North Salem, Westchester County, New York for California. Yep, D.O. Mills was part of the Gold Rush.  Darius was business savvy and knew that there was more money to be made trading than in prospecting. His first venture was to buy a boatload of supplies to take up the San Joaquin River to sell to the gold miners. However, with the Gold Rush gaining momentum, it took only a few months until he realized there was a dire need for a bank to service the gold miners who came to town with pouches of gold dust and nuggets. With his New York background in banking, Darius O. Mills was ready to build his bank! The Bank became known as National Gold Bank of D. O. Mills and Company. In 1912, the building at 7th and “I” Streets was erected.

Location: 629 J. Street, Sacramento, CA

The Washington Fisherman
I brought Deanna Jaxine Stinson aka Wish Fire - Psychic Medium to The Bank to see what she could pick up on. As soon as Wish Fire walked into The Bank, she picked up on the "snarly leprechaun", she felt he was a little dwarf and he was a bit mischievous.  Talked with the bartender and he said he has never picked up on anything paranormal, but knows that some of the evening employees have mentioned some paranormal activity that they witnessed and suggested I talk with them. The bartender says.."this place is old, so it's possible". Wish Fire sat on one table and exclaimed..."I'm being touched, something is touching my shoulders!"  At that time, I got an EVP.  The EVP sounds like a man saying either "wake snakes" or "wait here".  Wish Fire also encountered a ghost that I will call "The Washington Fisherman". Wish Fire described the entity as wearing something like a fisherman's outfit and had the face of George Washington.  The entity also had curly hair. This entity was wandering around the hallway.  Wish Fire and I explored the 2nd floor and there was no one up there, so we basically had the 2nd floor to ourselves. 

Money Demon
On the first floor Wish Fire picked up on an entity that was all red, as it looked like he was made of lava. Wish Fire felt the essence of this entity and said it appeared the entity was interested in money, or gold. The entity was hanging out on the first floor next to a rabbit figurine by the bar.  Wish Fire said that the entities at this establishment are harmless, and The Bank is their home.  Wish Fire also said even though she called one entity the Money Demon, she felt that the entity did not have bad intentions and unfortunately looked scary.  



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