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Tarot By Kathleen

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Psychic consult versus psychotherapy



Why a Psychic Consult is More Effective than Psychotherapy

This a comparison I have pondered since I switched from being one to the other.

I had a counselling practice for many years. Individual clients (and sometimes couples and groups) for various afflictions, such as, addictions, mourning and depression, family and partner conflicts, career disappointment and confusion were a few of the issues typically presented. I loved the work, but I always felt it was far from a perfect model for helping people sort through their conflicts, self-doubt, choices, terrors, and regret.

Many of my present psychic clients are also seeking psychotherapy.  I help clients determine if the therapist they are seeing is a good fit and suggest a specific modality that I think would be the best medicine.  Seeking the advice of an oracle and seeking therapy is the best practice of all.  Why should one preclude the other?  Most clients who are in therapy are often astounded at the similarity between what I say and their therapist is telling them!  Or conversely the opposite may be true which empowers them to challenge their therapist to up their game.

General Problems with Psychotherapy

There is a best therapist for everyone. Never assume that because a psychotherapist has facilitated significant and positive change in the life of a relative or friend, they may do wonders for you.  There is a magical pairing of client to therapist.  Don’t give up on psychotherapy just because one isn’t on the same wavelength as you.

Don’t apologize for shopping around.  Therapists and clients need to connect in a uniquely energetic way too.  This is another problem with the whole model of therapy!  Typically, you are assigned a therapist by an organization which will have nothing to do with a good match but rather which therapist on tap has an opening in their schedule.  How can you possibly share your deepest, soulful pain with someone you feel alienated from?  The process may hinder your growth rather than support it.

It can become mind-numbingly boring, both as a client and therapist.  You wonder how many times you’ll repeat the same problem before something finally shifts.  This is one of the reasons why seeing a psychotherapist can become lengthy and expensive.  Depending on their orientation, education and fame, psychotherapists may charge upwards of $450/hr. If you need to see them once or twice a week for a year or two, this may be prohibitive.

Other problems associated with psychotherapy may include a fear of being perceived as mentally ill and weak.  Going to therapy may further damage a client’s self confidence.

There are a myriad of ways to shrug off a psychic consult. “I’m doing it for fun”, “I’m just going along with a friend,”, “I’m curious”, “It’s just entertainment”, can suffice. None of these excuses will stick however, when discovered you are seeing a psychotherapist. You’re having problems.  Period.

Why I’d Rather Be a Tarot Reader than a Psychotherapist

I can say what I like.  This indeed is the rub and the main reason I like it so much more.  I can say whatever I think and/or feel about an issue.  I don’t have strict rules of engagement to abide.  A therapist does.  There are strict and rigid rules to abide. It must be the client’s insight that brings resolution to an issue, not the therapist’s.  That would be leading, controlling, projecting or manipulating a client.  I don’t worry about that as an oracle. I don’t worry about power over a client or what I say might have a lifetime impact on their whole self concept.  Psychotherapists have a myriad of things outside the therapy room they must consider – insurance companies, government and certification bodies for starters.  If they are associated with a doctor, then the medical community will be involved too.

Confidentiality is a constant issue especially if an organization (ie insurance company or company the clients is working for) is paying for it.  This means report writing, submissions, diagnosis and treatment plans.

Another huge problem for me is that spiritual insights are not permitted.  “Professional reputation” is a concern for practitioners.  What would their colleagues think hearing they were using Tarot in their counselling sessions, for example?  The longevity of their licenses would be at risk.

How Counselling and Tarot Reading Have Different Approaches

Love: A therapist may have insight into the significant other the client is discussing but they can’t/won’t talk about them.  The focus in therapy is on the client and how they are going to work with their relationships. In a Tarot reading I can make the critical telepathic link to the “other” in the client’s question. Sharing that piece of information with my client empowers them to understand why the relationship can succeed or is doomed.

Health: For issues like getting a cancer diagnosis, clients hesitate to go for therapy because there will be focus on how they feel (obviously not terrific) as opposed to what therapies may suit them best and how to achieve the much-needed spiritual perspective on the diagnosis.

Career: A psychotherapist will concentrate on the client’s skill, experience, and education.  Specifically concentrating on the gaps that must be addressed for future success. As a reader, I consider these issues, but I will also discuss life purpose, creative expression, and business development from a spiritual perspective. This spiritual perspective includes a tarot reading, their astrological sign and what they wanted to accomplish coming to embodiment (life purpose).

Spiritual Attacks:  There is such a thing.  No psychotherapist, however, will discuss them.  Energy vampires, voodoo practices, curses and luck are not something most clients will discuss with a psychotherapist for fear they will be diagnosed as insane.  As an oracle I won’t disparage or judge ANY spiritual experience.   Although I’m cautious with respect to curses, I do believe they do exist and if you would like to read more about my thoughts on curses, I have posted several articles online about this.  As far as energy vampirism, I’m 100% positive this nasty bit of work does exist and will discuss strategies for dealing with it.

I wish you a glorious Spring! Gratitude is a central tenet in all spiritual practices.  When we have a day of thanks collectively celebrated, it is the perfect occasion to take a moment to set your intention to offer a sacred moment of gratitude work every day of the coming year.

Kathleen does Tarot readings online from Victoria BC Canada.  You can read more of her articles at https://www.tarotbykathleen.ca


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