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A Haunting in Sonora



A Haunting in Sonora
By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

DRAWING EXPLAINED:  Artwork by William Carlisle. Concept by Paul Dale Roberts.  Crossover. The Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts (middle) with Mario Gully/Erik Larsen Ant on the right. The Legendary Dark Silhouette (to the left). 

DATE TO BE THERE: November 7, 2014, Friday TIME TO BE THERE: 9pm Contact Person: Nastassia Rumancek aka Valerie M Ino-Smusz - Occupant. Another Contact Person: Austin D. Smusz - Occupant. Address: Sonora, CA - // Case Manager: Deanna Jaxine Stinson. Activity: negative energy in the house will cause occupants to argue; they hear marching band at 3am, they found a very old tool buried in the garden; entity calls Valerie by her name, constant dreams by Valerie of her child drowning. Cleansing required. // Case #3XTL648

Hi Paul, I read your post on my page and I wanted to tell you in more detail some of the occurrences that are happening in and around the home. A few times before we had moved our belongings inside, I came and smudged with some sage and while it was burning I could feel the spirit pushing me and trying to taunt me with mocking laughter and actually locked me outside of the home with my keys still inside. It's pretty much impossible to lock yourself out of the house because all of the locks are manual twist, or deadbolt and the bolt and knob locks both had been locked. Upon re-entry through the back room I got locked outside in the freezing cold. Also, last night one of the spirits (I think there are 2) pulled the blankets off of me slowly at night, and it's just on my side. it doesn't interact with my husband, but I went to pull the blankets back over me because I was cold, I thought I had a good grip on the blanket well, I didn't and I flung my fist right into my face and gave myself a bloody nose... that was pretty annoying, but I felt something watching me from a dark corner at the ceiling in my bedroom. I also hear the mocking/taunting/ na-na you cant get me calls, frequently at night between 3 and 4 am. I also have a old iron gate that I acquired that came from the old Masonic cemetery when they were "cleaning it up" and I am pretty sure it has negative energy, I wonder if a spirit has clutched onto it as a personal possession if that's even possible?? It's moves in different positions and had a terrible odor for a long time, so bad that I had to move it around my house several times because I had a nasty maggot/fly problem since I've gotten it. Still do.

Also, I found out some information from the original owner of the house per my mother in law... and she said her husband had Alzheimer's disease and accidentally ingested a bottle of chemical cleaner and died of asphyxia - outside in the garden. Also, after contacting county records and they were not very helpful with public records, I decided to go knocking on doors to see if anyone has any additional information about the house and a neighbor told me a very interesting story, although I'm not sure how reliable she is as a source of accurate information.

Using night vision goggles, digital recorders, cameras, Deanna and I conducted a full investigation of the interior and exterior of these premises. We captured one orb by Valerie. Orbs cannot be deemed as paranormal, unless you can show 'intelligent movement'. By the cemetery gate, we did obtain an EVP - a whispering voice that said about 4 or 5 words, but it was unintelligible.

I do believe that either the house is haunted or Valerie is haunted. We did get an EVP by the cemetery gate, which may mean that there is an attached entity upon the gate. It also seems that entities are attracted to Valerie. Valerie may be a psychic or sensitive and does not realize this fact. The entities see her as a lighthouse and are attracted to her light beacon all wishing to convey a message to Valerie. I conducted a Roman Catholic house blessing and afterwards Valerie said that the house atmosphere was lighter. Thank you Valerie for the home grown sage, garlic plants, peppermint plants, sage plants. I can only hope that my house blessing will work for this beautiful family. Deanna and I felt the warmth of this family as they sought out our help.

SPECIAL NOTE: After I blessed the home, the three of us (Valerie, me and Deanna) saw a brilliantly lit shooting star. A sign of a bright outlook for this family? I hope so! One more special note: We saw many deer alongside the roadways, as we went home tonight.

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I suspect the nasty odor is coming from the Luchadors.  They are powerfully built men with powerfully built B.O.  My gardener Jesus was a Luchador in the past, well before he built my hotrod.

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