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The Case of Sprite Activity: Cloverdale



The Case of Sprite Activity: Cloverdale


By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Ethereal Investigative Ranger

Drawing by William Carlisle - depicts Lieutenant Columbo with the Demon Warrior aka Paul Dale Roberts

October 1, 2011. Time: 2000 Hours.

We are headed to Cloverdale. I received a distressed call, the occupant lives in a home in Cloverdale and she is being attacked by mischievous sprites. Sprites are little tiny light beings, elementals. Some paranormal theorists believe that Sprites are extraterrestrial in origin and the Sprites that now live amongst us have adapted to living on Earth. The Sprites that have invaded this home in Cloverdale sometimes fly into the occupant's mouth, they make her choke, they crawl on her skin and make her scratch. Sprites are seen as tiny zipping little orbs, at times they are mistaken for fire flies. Note: There are no fire flies in the State of California. Mythical theorists believe that Sprites are interdimensional beings that usually go through a portal that has been opened up by either black magic or dark Wiccan practices. Is there a history of black magic or dark Wiccan practices in and around this property? We will soon find out. Let's see what Wikipedia says about Sprites, read below:


The term sprite is a broad term referring to a number of preternatural legendary creatures. The term is generally used in reference to elf-like creatures, including fairies, and similar beings (although not earth beings), but can also signify various spiritual beings, including ghosts. In Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl books, sprites are a race of fairies with green skin and wings. In The Spiderwick Chronicles, sprites are creatures that resemble insects or flowers.


The word "sprite" is derived from the Latin "spiritus" (spirit). Variations on the term include "spright" (the origin of the adjective "sprightly", meaning "spirited" or "lively") and the Celtic "spriggan". The term is chiefly used in regard to elves and fairies in European folklore, and in modern English is rarely used in reference to spirits or other mythical creatures.



My family dog is traumatized from the paranormal experiences that take place in my home. Growling is constantly heard, I believe my house may have a curse upon it. My husband now has had 72 surgeries since moving into the house, footsteps are heard, invisible bugs (Sprites) felt crawling on skin - then it goes away.

HPI Fairyologists that arrived are: Gina Vega/Photo Analyst, Cory Boren, Jon Koyasako, Deanna Bailey, Regina Tellez/Senior Lead Investigator – Fortean Investigator, Judy Raderchak/Senior Lead Investigator – Technician – Videographer – Researcher – Fortean Investigator, Paul Dale Roberts/HPI General Manager – Journalist- Fortean Investigator.

Special Note: Chantal Apodaca/Senior Lead Investigator/Psychic Detective/Fortean Investigator (Status: Absent from this Investigation).

Occupant: Cindy Schley.


Researcher Judy Raderchak discovers that a very old cemetery, with overgrown bushes was scheduled for rezoning in 2008. So there is a possibility that some of the homes in Cloverdale could have been built over this cemetery. Since the occupant Cindy Schley says that she is being harassed by ‘sprite’ type of creatures, many questions were asked about this high strangeness. 3 United States cases of sprite activity shows that sprites enter our realm though black magic or dark Wiccan activity. Sprites are often seen as small orbs that fly around erratically. When sprites are seen, a demonic force is usually nearby. Most sprites are seen in European countries and sprites seen in the US are a rarity. Cindy explains that the sprites that she sees are usually pin points of light and that they do fly around erratically. The sprites go into her mouth and cause her to cough and choke. The sprites will cause her to have a hard time breathing. Some paranormal researchers and theorists believe sprites to be extraterrestrial in nature and by talking with Cindy, I discovered that she has seen alien type of faces in the mirror. When she was a child looking out her window, she saw a bright UFO near her home. She has a skin scoop on her ankle. The skin scoops are usual phenomenon for alien abductees. She has recently seen a UFO in the Sonoma area. Sonoma is a place of high strangeness in itself. Sonoma is the home of the Bohemian Grove, there are many UFO sightings in Sonoma, there is a rumor of an underground military base in Sonoma, a few Bigfoot sightings and even a werewolf sighting at the local Sonoma cemetery. Sonoma is near Cloverdale. This home could be part of the area’s high strangeness. One of the things that strikes me odd about this investigation, is that Cindy says that the sprites crawl all over her skin and she showed us all of the odd bite marks she has on her stomach area.

There is a lot of ground to cover. The home is 20 years old and is 3 stories in height. There are 2 investigative teams. Judy Raderchak is the lead for Deanna and Regina. Cory is the lead for Regina and Jon.


Team Sprite (Judy’s team) obtained an EVP, female answering ‘yes’. The investigators smelled a manly musty smell. Team Tango (Cory’s team) obtained a clicking EVP and heard a strange rustling sound coming from the bushes. I heard 2 knocks from the living room. Judy saw 2 sets of beady eyes from the stairwell and it was not from the cats that live in this home. Cory takes a picture of what looks like a lighted demonic face on the floor and Gina was able to debunk the photo with an explanation of flash movement and shutter speed. Judy takes a picture of an unusual rounded light anomaly (human size) on the street. Gina and Judy tried to recreate the photo to see if there are any light reflections from the street that may have caused this anomaly and Gina was not able to recreate Judy’s photo. During this evidence briefing, I discovered that Cindy sees chemtrails in the early morning hours. Could this be the cause of her strange skin reactions? Special Note: Cory Boren is formerly with Denver Paranormal. With his prior experience of 120 investigations, I allowed him to lead Team Tango.


Team Sprite captured a pig like sound EVP – possibly wild boar – debunked. Judy had a personal experience – she saw a twinkle of light (sprite?) behind Regina. Team Tango – they were in a far back room and captured an EVP that sounds like a dog barking, but there was no dog barking and they did not hear this sound with their ears. Team Tango also captured a 2 knock EVP.


No results.


With the possible EVPs and the strange anomaly photograph that Judy took on the street, this home is most likely haunted. The entities were not biting in our last session, even when we were trying to provoke the entities. Entities in hiding. Status: Inconclusive until evidence is fully analyzed.

Special Thanks: To Cindy Schley – for making the team coffee.


The JoAn Donnelly Story:

JoAn was 10 years old and she was walking down the stairwell in her home, she looked behind her and saw herself, 3 steps up. She astral projected a few feet in front of her body. In her mind, the words came: "I am in this world, but I am not of this world."


Sept 30 Friday 9pm: Location: Elk Grove, Ca REQUESTING CLEANSING. name = Pamela Fox

comments = I have lived at my present address for 14 years, and have continually experienced very peculiar things. Lights go on and off by themselves , the TV too, the house alarm was so active we disarmed it completely. I see someone, in my peripheral vision, who could double as my husband at a quick glance. I see him in the backyard ,when I am in the house and on the stairs in our entry way. He always reminds me of a cowboy but he is not a cowboy. I also smell electrical burn from time to time. We have had the electrical checked several times in our home and there is never anything wrong. One day, after thinking I really saw my husband in the backyard, I heard a banging on the front door. I was at my desk so I can see the door and my husband is telling me to unlock it, I can see that it is not and I tell him. I finally had to open the door for him. I asked had he been in the backyard prior to coming to the front door and he said no. About 30 mins. later a friend brought my daughter home from school, she was standing in the front entry and I went into the kitchen for something. I hear her say," someone is at your door I'll get it for you'. There is no one there! She says,"I swear I heard a knock at your door." I totally believe her. About a year and a half ago I finally did some research on the property, before I went into the library in EG I told my husband his name would be John , I said this out of the blue. I found out our property use to belong to John Elliot a cattle rancher back in the early 1900's. The article I found read as if I had wrote it, describing him and his brothers (who liked to think of themselves as cowboys but the only real cowboy was a ranch hand named Al) I often have told my family he is not happy about something (I never feel ill will about him) as I read on, I learned he was very unhappy with the railroad going thru his property. He had thousands of acres and the RR went right near his home. I also learned his house burned down from an electrical fire after his death. We also have power lines going thru our backyard and I know that can cause a lot of activity as well. Going to the library that day provided me with some validation. Strange activity continues to go on and my husband has been there to see it also. I have had things occur my entire life.

SPECIAL NOTE: Jeri Smith met up with me at the Texas Roadhouse in Elk Grove, CA and while dining on steak kabobs, buttered rolls, Spanish rice, she discussed the hauntings at Pamela Fox's home. Jeri called Pamela and Pamela invited us over for a preliminary investigation. Many orb pictures and some strange shadow anomalies were captured in my photos.

Santa Lucias - Dark Watchers!

Dark figure with hat and cape was recently seen on September 14, 2011 at 14:13 Hours by 2 hikers - Charles and Jessica Tyler. The dark figure was silhouetted against the sky, standing on top of a rock. The figure turned around and they could not make out a face. The figure simply vanished in front of their eyes. According to local legends, these dark entities are known as Dark Watchers. Jessica and Charles said the figure was 6' 5", it wore a cape and had what appeared to be a top hat.


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