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Haunted Al Capone's House?



Haunted Al Capone's House?
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

For the life of me, I never got a clear positive proof that this house was once a temporary home for the notorious gangster known as Al "Scarface" Capone.  When I was in the Army, I was headed to Fort Knox, Kentucky and one of the stops that I made was at an old rundown home in Clinton, Indiana.  The locals really believe that Al Capone would stay in this home on a temporary basis. When Al Capone felt the police were heavy on his tail, he would retreat to this house in Clinton. What I do know as a fact is that Al Capone would stop at Clinton, Indiana for two things. He would head out to Clinton, Indiana with his gangster entourage to pick up illegal bootleg alcohol.  Of course, he would let one of his henchmen take possession of the bootleg alcohol and Al Capone would inspect the pick-up.  Al Capone would also bring the women that he was intimate with to Clinton, Indiana to get an abortion of his unborn children.  

I stopped at a local store and talked with the store clerk and some of the customers. The customers, along with the store clerk believe that the house I was going to visit was a safehouse used by Al Capone and his henchman and that illegal bootleg alcohol was stored at this location.  Also, the customers said that a medical doctor that had a suspended medical license performed illegal abortions at this house. What really caught my interest is that they said this house is very haunted.  Many locals say that they see a Lady in Black walking outside of the house weeping and at times crying loudly. The locals believe that this ghost is of a woman that was forced to have an abortion and the loss of her child is causing her to cry.  I wasn't a ghosthunter yet, but I knew I wanted to see this house.  When I drove up to this house, it felt creepy and as I got out of my car I felt a sense of sadness.  I couldn't get inside the house, because it seemed like there was someone living in there and I didn't want to get in trouble for trespassing.  

I learned later from PFC Larry Barnwheel at Fort Knox, Kentucky that Larry had been to this house and saw shadow people moving about the house.  When Larry saw the shadow people, it scared him enough that he ran to his car and zipped off down the street.  A now defunct ghost hunting group called the Indiana Ghost Stompers investigated the house and they claim that they captured an EVP of a  woman crying. They also had a female investigator get nauseated and started vomiting outside of the house.  When this happened, they decided it was time to leave. There is no telling the horrors that may have happened in this house, especially if it was a house that Al Capone would sometimes stay at. Were there murders committed at this house?  Did some of the women having abortions die from the surgery and bled to death?  Some of the locals believe that these occurrences may have happened at this house.  


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