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9 Creepy Places in Fresno



9 Creepy Places in Fresno
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

I was born and raised in Fresno, California.  Most people when they think of Fresno, they think of the California Raisins. Believe me, there is more to Fresno, especially when it comes to the paranormal, a lot more. I experienced many paranormal events when I lived in Fresno. It is said that children from the ages of 1 to 8 have psychic abilities and most will lose those abilities after age 8. In my young years, I believe I had psychic abilities and after age 8, I lost all of those abilities. All of the places mentioned in this article, I have either visited as a child with my parents and siblings, or I visited the places as an adult. 

2814 Mariposa

St. John's Cathedral is haunted by Sister Irenita. Sister Irenita position with the church was being the head of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno in the early 1900s. She passed away during her time working at the church.  Many tourists and visitors have seen the Sister wandering around inside the church.  Joan Lancet, a resident of Fresno saw the Sister on her knees praying.  Local legend says a tree root in the cathedral’s cemetery actually broke through into Sister Irenita’s grave, and she had to be disinterred. When they opened the Sister's casket, her body had no sign of decay. She looked like she had only been buried for only a couple of days.  GHOST IDENTIFIED: SISTER IRENITA.

Roeding Park is the largest park in Fresno. Swarms of people will go to this park on the 4th of July, Labor Day, Memorial Day for picnics, barbeques and celebration. Roeding Park covers 90 Acres.  This park has also seen its share of gang violence. There have been reports that late at night, locals have seen ghostly apparitions of gang members in their hoodies walking around the park. It is believed that these are gang members who have lost their lives in this park.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: THE SPIRITS OF GANG MEMBERS

7209 N. Ingram Avenue

The building that now houses The Vendo Company is over 100 years old.  Locals claim that they have seen shadow people walking around the building.  Before this building was The Vendo Company, it has served as a military base, a lumber yard, and even a Japanese concentration camp.  Numerous people have reported seeing an apparition of a Japanese woman near the entrance. She is described as sitting on a green bench, and her face appears to be half-rotten. There have also been reports of a male apparition in the bathroom upstairs who is apparently a former employee of The Vendo Company who hanged himself there. For a while, employees refused to even use that particular bathroom because of the spirit. Nate Robinson, a local says that he used that bathroom one day and saw an apparition of a hanged man. The hanged man had what looked like a bedsheet around his neck.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: ROT FACED LADY AND THE VENDO COMPANY HANGMAN. 

Subterranean structures built by Baldassare Forestiere. Baldassare was an immigrant from Sicily.  It took Baldassare 40 years to build the Underground Gardens from 1906 to 1946.  The gardens were designed to be a sustainable home with skylights and tunnels that brought both breezes and sunlight into the space. He positioned his underground planters to catch rainwater and built a drainage system with a cistern to minimize flooding. It is said that visitors have seen the ghostly image of the creator of these tunnels walking around admiring his work.  GHOST IDENTIFIED: BALDASSARE FORESTIERE.

The Meux Home Museum was built back in 1890 by Dr. Thomas Meux. It is now a museum and has a reputation of being haunted. Visitors and employees alike have reported various types of paranormal activity, including the disembodied voices of children laughing.  Employees have said that doorknobs go missing from several of the doors during the night.  One of the most striking stories relating to the Meux Home Museum is about Mary’s bedroom. Some of her toys are still there, including a doll made with real human hair.  Visitors are warned not to touch the toys, but one curious teenager says that she hung back as the tour group was leaving and stroked the doll’s hair only for a picture of Mary came slamming down by the bedside table! The startled girl fixed the picture and asked Mary’s forgiveness for touching her things!  GHOST IDENTIFIED: MARY

When I lived in this house, there was one incident I will never forget. In 1964, the neighborhood was shaken by two sonic booms. After the 2nd sonic boom, 3 minutes later it rained down "angel hair". When the angel hair touched the ground, it immediately dissolved. Some neighbors thought it was some kind of spider webbing.  No one could get an answer on what caused the sonic booms. Special Note: Angel hair is associated with UFO activity.  PHENOMENA IDENTIFIED: SONIC BOOMS AND ANGEL HAIR

This was a corner house duplex that I lived at in my childhood years. I was tormented and terrorized in this house. One night a rolling sound coming down the sidewalk was heard late at night. My window opened half-way by itself. A black tea kettle with a snout floated to my open window. The rolling sound came from this black tea kettle. The snout pointed towards me, and a mist came out. I started coughing and coughing and coughing. My mother half asleep came in and gave me a tablespoon of poison, thinking it was cough syrup.  She had me vomit up the poison.  That was one incident. Other incidents, I would see flying winged skulls come flying into my room.  My dad came into my room, and he had a skull face.  At my bedroom window I heard my mother's voice in the orange grove calling out to me..."Dale, come here". She kept calling me, and I realized that this was not my mother. My actual mother was in the kitchen.  There was some kind of entity that was trying to trick me, entice me to go into the orange grove. Another incident is the entity pushed me into the heater, burning my leg, when we moved from this house, the activity stopped.

It was originally intended to be the caretaker’s quarters, but Mr. Kearney died in 1906 before everything was completed. The biggest story linked to this location is all about ‘The Kearney Witch.’  If you cross the railroad tracks at night, the witch will apparently show up dressed all in white and try to make the incoming vehicles come to a halt.  Locals also mention that they hear the disembodied voices of children laughing and giggling in Kearney Park, usually around 1:30 a.m. ENTITIES IDENTIFIED: THE KEARNEY WITCH AND THE KEARNEY PARK GHOST KIDS

When this story first came out, I contacted a couple of my relatives in Fresno and asked where the house was located. I had to drive by the house several times, hoping to see something. I parked my car on the side of the street, took some pictures, used a sound enhancer, to see if I could hear anything and of course, I got zilch. Nothing. I was just very curious.  A news report says:  "Back in the 2000s, a grainy CCTV camera captured what appeared to be a ghostly-looking pair of pants striding across a man’s front yard in Fresno.  The legend goes that a Fresno man named Jose was woken up by his barking dogs one morning, and he caught a glimpse of a mysterious figure, now dubbed the Fresno Nightcrawler, through his camera system.  Years later in 2011, strange figures that looked eerily similar to the Fresno Nightcrawler were reportedly caught on camera in Yosemite National Park.  In the years since the figure was first captured, the Fresno Nightcrawler has risen to fame on the internet, with the story even being covered by the History Channel.  Internet sleuths have spent years trying to crack the mystery, could the Fresno Nightcrawler be an alien? Or is it a cryptid, otherwise known as a creature whose existence is based on alleged sightings?"  CRYPTID IDENTIFIED: FRESNO NIGHTCRAWLER



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