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HPI Paranormal Log



HPI Paranormal Log
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Photo: Hellyer House in San Jose, CA

HPI gets contacted quite frequently on cases that people want us to check out or that someone needs help desperately.  This is our recent log on cases that I assigned an investigator or assisted the client over the phone. In the perfect world, I would physically be at all of these locations, but due to the distance, it's physically impossible.  Fortunately, I have HPI paranormal investigators who live all over Northern California and they are willing and ready to assist. 

There are several theories about how this legendary vicious albino clan came to live near Hicks Road. The legend has been around since the '70s, or possibly earlier, and has persisted well into the modern age. However, the urban legend's origins are up for debate. One thing the stories all have in common, though, is that the people live as part of an organized colony.  One suggestion for where this rumored colony could have come from is that it's related to a Swedish community based at the entrance of Uvas Canyon Park. This group of people don't have albinism, but they can be very fair-skinned. Others say it began with the United Technologies Corporation located on nearby Metcalf Road. This is a scientific research facility where technology is tested. This is the sort of facility that would incite rumors of genetic mutations. Some say a religious community - cult-like and possibly satanic - called The Holy City in the nearby Santa Cruz mountains is where the rumors started. Legend has it that weird looking feral albino people come out of the woods and will kill you if they have a chance. Some locals say that the Hicks Road Albino Colony are cannibals. One of my paranormal investigators Nick Asevedo has been assigned to drive over there and check it out. Nick lives in San Jose and will give me a full report of his findings. I interviewed Mason Carter of Santa Clara, and he says that he drove on Hicks Road and said it was very creepy at night. There was an area of the road, that he felt his engine was stuttering and going out. His bright lights were pointing towards the hillside, and he saw 3 shadow figures move across the lighted area of the hill and it freaked him out. After the shadow figures vanished, the car started acting normal and they drove out of that area as quickly as possible. Malcolm Jackson of San Jose says the legend started after the movie "The Hills Have Eyes" came out. Malcolm says it's a bunch of made-up stories by high school kids.  Date Notified: 7/21/2023.  HPI Case Manager: Nick Asevedo.

Legend has it that 3 deaths occurred at this house. The pregnant daughter of a Vietnamese family lived in this house, and they didn't want their daughter to have the baby. The daughter became depressed and hung herself in the garage.  After this tragedy happened, another family moved in, and it is said that the son was arguing with his mother, and he killed his mother and then killed himself.  The third family that moved into the house were tormented by a demonic force and they called upon some monks to bless their home.  The monks were frightened of the demonic force and placed large rocks outside of the house to contain the demons.  HPI Paranormal Investigator Nick Asevedo has been assigned this case and is trying to locate the owners.  Come to find out Zak Bagans is interested in this case and wants to get permission from the owners to investigate this house.  I am in contact with Justin West - Ghost Adventures (GA) Producer to see if I can the GA team into that house.  Kevin Zheng, a San Jose resident visited this house, and he claims an invisible entity actually pulled down his pants outside of the house when he was a little boy, and he has no explanation on how his trousers and underwear came down to his ankles. Laura Patterson of Monterey, CA says that when she walked past the house, she was slapped hard across her face. The slap actually caused her nose to bleed. Jim Fuller of Modesto, CA visited the house and said he was attacked by a "Spike Demon". Jim saw a 2-inch man holding a spike and the little Spike Demon pressed the spike into his foot. Jim screamed in pain and the Spike Demon vanished. Jim said that his foot was bleeding profusely, and he had a little hole on top of his foot. Jim said that no one believed his story on how he injured his foot. Jim says he will never return to this house. Jim feels the whole house is possessed. Date Notified: 7/23/2023. HPI Case Manager: Nick Asevedo 

I was contacted by Carolann Castro of the paranormal group SoulSeekers in Vallejo.  Carolann has a friend named Vicki in Calistoga, CA. This friend has a demonic attachment. I explained to Carolann that Vicki should get a full submersion baptism, which is a basic form of exorcism.  Carolann relayed this information to Vicki and Vicki says..."I was already baptized in 2007".  Well, it doesn't matter, if you have the attachment now, then you should get a baptism now.  In the 70s, I had an attachment and even though I was baptized years ago, I went to a Southern Baptist Church and got a full submersion baptism and my attachment left immediately.  I am a Catholic, and did not want a sprinkle-on baptism, I wanted the correct type of baptism, which is a full submersion. Date Notified: 7/24/2023. HPI Case Manager: Paul Dale Roberts



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