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Haunted Carlile House & Haunted Larnach Castle



Haunted Carlile House & Haunted Larnach Castle
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

When my family and I, went to Auckland, New Zealand, the first place we stopped at was the SkyCity Auckland Casino and the Rotorua where we got to walk around the bubbling mud pools. After walking around the mud pools, we were treated to some Maori dancers.  But, in my mind this is not what I came here for. I wanted to see the Carlile House and Larnach Castle.  Why you may ask?  Because both places have the reputation of being haunted.

Special Note: The family that went with me to New Zealand were my stepson Jason Randall Porter and my ex-wife Patricia Mary Roberts.

Almost all of the locals believe that in 1912 there was a fire at this establishment and that 40 boys died in the fire. The tour guide says there is no official record of a fire occurring in 1912. The tour guide says this is a mere urban legend, a story that was made up. The Carlile House was once used as an orphanage for boys.  Paranormal phenomena that happens at this house, is that people will hear children laughing. I told the tour guide, if there were a fire and there were so many deaths, I would believe that you would hear children screaming. The tour guide laughed and said..."I believe you are correct, there is no screaming heard."  What I learned about the Carlile House is that it was once used as the Costley Training Institute. The goal of the Costley Training Institute was to house residents and teach them various trades in the industry.  This occurred in 1886. They closed the Institute in 1908. After the doors closed for the Institute, it then became the Richmond Road Children's Home. When the 1931 Hawkes Bay Earthquake happened, the Institute then took in the Hukarere Maori Girl's School for one year.  Then in 1935 to 1969 it became the training school for the Church Army.  The founder was Wilson Carlile and the name Carlile House stuck. The Carlile House is presently owned by the United Church Tonga. While I was at the Carlile House, the outside appearance is somewhat spooky, but when inside, it didn't feel creepy at all. In fact, it had a "homey" feel to it. My son Jason said he saw a little girl peeking at us from behind a wall and he wanted to go and play with her. My son at the time was 7 years old. As we walked around the corner, there was no little girl there. So just maybe, Jason saw the ghost of a little girl. The tour guide said there were times he felt like he was being followed by children and when he turned around, there were no children present.  The tour guide said while he was in one of the rooms after a tour, he felt someone tugging on his shirt.  The tour guide felt there was only friendly spirits at this house. The tour guide placed his hand on my shoulder and with a smile said: "There is nothing to fear."  Little did he know, I didn't fear ghosts, I was merely curious about ghosts.  

Now at Larnach Castle, there were areas of the castle, that felt depressing. I believe with all of the tragedy at this castle, it leaves a mark on the atmosphere, a mark of sadness and depression.  When William James Mudie Larnach built this magnificent castle, he merely called it "The Camp" and the local newspapers on December 8, 1874, renamed The Camp to Larnach Castle.  In the present day, the locals say that Larnach Castle is the most haunted building in New Zealand.  People see a ghostly bearded Victorian man that they believe is William Larnach.  People smell cigar smoke, when there is no one smoking a cigar.  William Larnach built a gorgeous ballroom for his daughter Katie on her 21st birthday. Shortly afterwards, Katie dies of typhoid cancer. This put William Larnach into a deep depression.  William saw the bright smiles from his daughter Katie when she saw the completed ballroom. In fact, Katie had the whole ballroom floor to practice her dancing and she was seen many times swirling around the dance floor.  William was married 3 times and two of his wives died in the castle.  A major tragedy occurred when William discovered that his son was having an illicit affair with his 3rd wife. This drove William mad with hatred and he winds up committing suicide. Many tourists and locals say that when visiting the castle, they have been pushed by unseen forces, women say they feel someone touching their backs or caressing their backs.  When we stopped at one room, we got a whiff of cigar smoke and there was no one smoking a cigar.  Locals and tourists say that they see the ghostly image of Katie swirling and dancing around the ballroom floor.  The other ghost that they see is William himself walking down the hallways.  Our tour guide told us that the previous tour guide quit his job because on one occasion after the tour was completed, he was sitting down writing notes in his pad book and the chair was pulled from underneath him and he fell smack down on the floor.  When this occurred, the air was ice cold.  This frightened him so much he quit instantly, never wanting to return to Larnach Castle. 



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