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The Beast of Jersey & Haunted Mont Orgueil



The Beast of Jersey & Haunted Mont Orgueil
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

My neighbor Robert J. Addison and his family went to the Channel Islands.  The Channel Islands are located in the English Channel between the United Kingdom and France.  Robert said their destination was the Island of Jersey in the gulf of St. Malo right off the coast of France.  While Robert and his family were on vacation, he asked if I would keep an eye out on his home, in which I did. We did a bit of bartering.  I told Robert I would keep an eye out on his house, if he would get some juicy ghost stories from the Channel Islands. I have been to the United Kingdom, and visited London, England; Stonehenge; Edinburg, Scotland and Cardiff, Wales.  But unfortunately, I have never made it to the Channel Islands. Robert says that he heard about a ghost called The Beast of Jersey.  Locals told Robert that there have been some reports of women on the island being followed by a grotesque looking man.  The man looked like he was wearing a rubber mask and he would fade away. The women realized they were looking at a ghost. Robert said there was a real person that was known as The Beast of Jersey.  His name was Edward John Louis Paisnel. Edward died in 1994 and terrorized the women and children of the Island of Jersey from 1957 to 1971. When Edward was out terrorizing, he wore his hideous rubber mask and nail protruding wristlets. He also had sharp pins hooked to his jacket, so if someone were to grab his jacket, they would cut themselves. The Beast of Jersey was a true monster, known to blindfold women and tie them up, so he can have his way with them. He was finally caught after running a red light and the police found his monstrous outfit in his car.  He was convicted of 13 counts of assault and sexual crimes.  His punishment, 30 years in prison.  When he got out, the locals badgered and harassed him.  Edward couldn't take it anymore and moved to the Isle of Wight.  The locals believe that his ghost still haunts the Island of Jersey.

International Traveler Larry Leaird also visited the Island of Jersey and he enjoyed the beaches and utilizing the Rigid Inflatable Boat to see the dolphins in their natural habitat. Larry had no reports of seeing the Beast of Jersey, but did experience a lot of ghostly activity at Mont Orgueil above Gorey Harbor.  

A little history about this fortress known as Mont Orgueil. First off, Jersey Island became a part of Duchy of Normandy in 933 AD.  The Normans came in and conquered Jersey Island.  The islands later became joined to the United Kingdom after William the Conqueror won the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  Construction of the castle began after the conquest of the Duchy of Normandy in 1204 by Philip II of France, taken from John - King of England. The castle was the primary defense of Jersey for over 400 years.  The fortress withstood a number of French assaults on the castle, the most notable of which was in 1373, when the Constable of France, Bertrand du Guesclin, attacked the castle with 2,000 men in July of that year. Despite breaching the outer walls of the castle, the French could not breach the inner walls of Mont Orgueil, as these actually rested upon a solid mass of granite rock.  The castle was eventually taken by the French later on, though it was effectively handed over to them in 1461 rather than taken by force. This transfer of the castle to the French was supposedly the result of a plot hatched by Margaret of Anjou, who was the French-born wife of Henry VI of England, and the French King, Louis XI. The transfer of the castle was predicated on French support of money, arms, and mercenaries for the Lancastrian cause during the Wars of the Roses. After seven years of occupation, the castle was retaken by a combined English-Jerseyman force led by the Yorkish admiral, Richard Harliston in 1468. A little known fact is that America's state of New Jersey is actually named after the Island of Jersey.  

Larry says that there are many ghost sightings at Mont Orgueil. Many tourists and locals have seen medieval soldiers holding swords, shields and spears. Tourists and locals have been pushed and some have even been shoved. One tourist buckled over during his tour of the castle to complain he felt something sharp go through his stomach. After a few minutes, the tourist was back to normal. The tourist said he felt like he was being stabbed. Larry said areas of the castle, you can feel cold spots and during the tour, everyone felt a super cold breeze go past them and there was no reason for a breeze to come through, because they were in an enclosed environment. Some locals and tourists have complained of being touched or they felt someone grabbing them.  Dan Nicholson from Plymouth, England was visiting the castle and came face-to-face with a medieval soldier.  The soldier stared at Dan and then vanished. When the soldier vanished, Dan had a severe nosebleed. Dan feels that somehow this ghostly soldier caused the nosebleed.  


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