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3 Haunted Places to Visit



3 Haunted Places to Visit
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Eilean Donan Castle at Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland
Scotland has a large quantity of ghosts lurking around.  When I visited Edinburgh, Scotland with my family, we met an elderly lady on the train, and she was quite talkative. She even made claim that her friends call her a chatterbox.  Her real name is Lorna MacKenzie.  Of course, I asked her about the ghosts of Scotland. Lorna told us that a good period of her life she lived in and around Kyle of Lochalsh, Scotland.  Lorna says that Eilean Donan Castle at Kyle of Lochalsh is very haunted.  Lorna has a strong connection to the castle, because her clan the MacKenzie(s) and another clan the Macrae(s) constructed the castle in 1214 A.D. to 1249 A.D. The construction of the castle in the 13th century was requested by Alexander II.  The castle became a stronghold against wandering Vikings.  Legend has it that a son of a Chief of the Matheson(s) was known to communicate with birds and Alexander II was very impressed with the son's ability. This son oversaw the construction.  It is rumored that Robert the Bruce hid at the castle during the Winter of 1306 to 1307. There were many deaths at this castle, because of various skirmishes that occurred. A tragic time was when James I called a meeting with the Chiefs at this castle and had some of the Chiefs arrested, executed or imprisoned.  Lorna says that during the Jacobite rebellion, there were 46 Spanish soldiers stationed at the castle. A fleet of ships came and fought with the Spanish soldiers and many Spanish soldiers lost their lives. A Headless Spanish Soldier ghost is seen quite frequently wandering around the castle and is sometimes seen in the gift shop holding his severed head underneath his arm. Lorna has been to the castle several times and has felt extreme cold spots.  Another ghost that hangs out in one of the bedrooms is the ghost of Lady Mary. Lorna says she actually encountered this ghost and saw Lady Mary weeping. Lorna says that she has also heard stories that locals have seen the ghost of a Viking wandering around the hillside. The Viking ghost was seen walking about and then falling to his knees and vanishing.  GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: Headless Spanish Soldier; Lady Mary and Viking Ghost.

Family Members that went with me to Scotland: Patricia Mary Roberts, Jason Randall Porter
Special Note: Sean Connery in Highlander was filmed at this castle.

Lake Lanier - Reservoir in the State of Georgia
Lake Lanier may be the most haunted lake in the USA. Up to 700 people have died at this lake from accidental drownings, boat accidents and water sport disasters. Many people in the area feel the lake is cursed. The reason why they believe the lake is cursed is that when the US Army Corps of Engineers constructed the lake in the 1950s, there were unmarked graves that the vast lake covered. There were lost artifacts from the indigenous people of this land and their artifacts also got swallowed up by the lake. Fisherman have heard the sounds of church bells from the middle of the lake, where they believe a church was once at that location and yes, there was a whole town that was also swallowed up by the lake. Some of the legends are that swimmers are grabbed by ghostly arms from the water. The ghostly arms attempt to bring the swimmer to the bottom of the lake.  My uncle George Roberts, an avid fisherman says he saw a little boy ghost wandering around the lake.  The Lanier Lake Boy has been seen by other locals and he has a sinister looking smile on his face.  A ghostly woman is seen wandering around the lake wearing a blue flowing dress. The locals call her The Lady of the Lake or The Lady in Blue. Legend has it that the Lady of the Lake was killed on April of 1958, in a car accident. Her car went over a bridge killing her, but her female passenger survived.  People sunbathing by the lake will hear ghostly whispers that are trying to entice them to enter into a secluded area. The locals call these ghosts The Whisperers. You may also have some cryptids in the lake. Some fisherman have reported seeing catfish the size of Volkswagons in the lake. GHOSTS IDENTIFIED: GHOSTLY LAKE ARMS; LANIER LAKE BOY; LADY OF THE LAKE; THE WHISPERERS.  CRYPTID IDENTIFIED: LANIER LAKE GIANT CATFISH

Aguas Livres Aqueduct, Portugal
When I was in Madrid, Spain; I became friends with Seven Martinez. Seven drove me to Vilar, Portugal and during this long trip, we discussed many things. Of course, I asked him if he knew any paranormal stories from Portugal. Seven told me about the Aqueduct Murderer aka Diogo Alves. Diogo had a gang that terrorized the people who would frequent the Aguas Livres Aqueduct. Diogo and the Alves Gang aka the Portuguese Mafia robbed many people at this Aqueduct. Diogo took it one step further, he was also a serial killer. Diogo killed at least 70 people from 1836 to 1840. The Aqueduct is located in Lisbon, Portugal and all of Lisbon was terrified of this serial killer.  When Diogo was finally caught, he was hanged in 1841, which gave the citizens of Lisbon much relief. One of the worst crimes was that Diogo and the Alves Gang slaughtered a doctor's family of four.  After Diogo was hanged, medical doctors severed Diogo's head, so they could study his brain and try to figure out why Diogo became a serial killer. Diogo's head is presently in a jar filled with formaldehyde and on display for tourists.  Seven says that some of the Portuguese people believe that Diogo's spirit is restless, because he did not get a proper burial and his head was never reattached to his body. People who frequent the Aqueduct have made claims that they see a headless person walking around the Aqueduct. They believe that this headless ghost is no other than Diogo. Locals believe that Diogo's spirit will never rest as long as his head is on display for tourists.  GHOST IDENTIFIED: Headless Ghost of Diogo Alves

If you wish to get the full scoop on when I went to Spain, you can read about my adventure here:


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