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Paranormal Caught on Camera 2023



My paranormal group HPI (Halo Paranormal Investigations) receives many paranormal type of photos for us to analyze. A set of photographs came in that were taken in Sedona, Arizona. The photos show what looks like a full body apparition near the red rocks of Sedona.  

Travel Channel's "Paranormal Caught on Camera" were fascinated with the photos, and they had me fill out a release form to use the photos in their 2023 episodes.  The Finder's Fee is $100.00.  See check for that amount. 

Sedona is a very mystical place. There are stories of vortexes seen opening up around Sedona. Locals have seen UFOs/UAPs at Sedona. There is even an invisible porcupine cryptid that has been encountered at Sedona.  Sedona is a hotspot of paranormal activity.  

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective

Halo Paranormal Investigations




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