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A Haunting in Stockton



A Haunting in Stockton
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

There are three videos from this investigation, entitled: "A Haunting in Stockton". One of the videos depicts the EVP that we captured.  When I first heard the EVP, I thought it said:  "Get out, we don't want you here anymore."  It actually says: "go away, we don't want to talk anymore."  You can find the videos at this link: www.youtube.com/channel/UCDiugDTWsbcMw6f3RDah5gQ

Date to be there: August 13, 2023, Sunday
Time to be there: 3pm
Contact Person: Kristen Simmons
Address to be at: Somewhere in Stockton, CA
Case # 2B0935V118N99
Activity - Message from Kristen: "Hello. I've been referred to you by someone who has used your services before. My papa built this house himself and I know nobody has passed away here. Except for dogs and 1 cat. However, lately my step-sister and I have been seeing a shadow man in the house. Yesterday I saw the shadow right outside my bedroom door and my sister never left her room and was working on putting her fish tank stand together, so I know it wasn't her. The house was broken into and the 3rd day in a row, I walked in on someone inside my house, and she was arrested shortly after and served several months behind bars. This was a few years ago and we just moved back into the house because of it taking so long to get it repaired. This is the first month we have been here, and the activity is still happening either to me or my sister. Is this something you think you can investigate? We live in Stockton. We don't feel the shadow man is evil or demonic but it's definitely around. Kristen Simmons. PS: Lisa Gottschalk referred you."

Paul Dale Roberts - HPI Co-Owner and Brian Ingwersen

Kristen Simmons and her step-sister Deborah Ortega.

Brian is one of my new investigators and he did a wonderful job on his first ghost hunt. During the briefing from our client Kristen Simmons, he asked a lot of questions. Basically, Kristen wanted to know if there is anything really haunting her home, since she and her step-sister have seen a shadow figure moving about the house, especially in the kitchen area and hallway.  No cleansing was required, because Kristen felt the entity was no threat. Brian took several photographs in each room of the house.  We will check for any anomalies that may be in the photos. I conducted an EVP sweep through the house and there were a few times I captured what sounded like Class C whispers or a breath sound.  The breath sounds could possibly be me. As we continued to investigate throughout the house, I was not capturing any evidence.  In some of my past investigations, I discovered that entities sometimes do not want to be bothered by "ghost hunters" and will avoid ghost hunters like the plague.  There have been cases in which the entity or entities will go outside and wait for us to leave. Since we weren't capturing any evidence inside, I figured we better step outside and see what we can get.  Sure enough, we capture an EVP of a male voice, Class B of a man saying...."go away, we don't want to talk anymore."  The way I figure it, ghosts used to be people and will do what people do. If you are trying to avoid someone at a party, you may step away from the party, so you don't have to interact with the person you are trying to avoid. The entity or entities at this house didn't want to be around me and Brian and stepped out of the house to get away from us. If they are telling us to "get out", it is hardly likely they will continue talking to us.  We were able to prove that this house is haunted, and it was time for us to pack up our gear and depart. 

My Thoughts:
I feel the entity that resides in this home is truly a friendly spirit. Possibly a deceased relative or friend that is looking over Kristen & Deborah.



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