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Cone Head Shadow Man



Cone Head Shadow Man
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Recently, I placed a photo up on Facebook of a full body apparition I caught on camera, while investigating the Madison Mansion in Esparto, CA.  Madison Mansion was a very haunted abandoned home that was filled with Satanic graffiti. We captured a lot of EVPs at this investigation and on the side of the house, I captured a full body apparition and next to it, were two glowing eyes.  A few years back, Madison Mansion was bulldozed to the ground, so other paranormal enthusiasts would stop visiting the site. 

When I posted the photo on Facebook, Emily of Ohio contacted me and said that she is haunted by three shadow people.  One of the shadow people resembles the entity I captured on camera from Madison Mansion. Emily also says that she has researched "shadow people" and knows about the hooded type of shadow person and the shadow person that wears a fedora type of hat, known at the Hat Man. Emily says that she is not haunted by the Hat Man or the Hooded Man, but is haunted by a Shadow Man that has a cone shaped hat and he is usually with 2 shadow people that do not wear hats.  Emily wanted to know if I knew anything about a shadow person wearing a cone shaped hat. My answer. No, I have not, this is the first time ever hearing about a shadow person wearing a cone shaped hat.  I drew a picture of the description she gave me of the Cone Head Shadow Man and Emily says that my drawing is pretty much accurate.

Emily says that the shadow people will peek through her windows and there has been times where they materialize out of the walls. They have been seen floating or gliding around the house. They will stop and just stare at her and her husband, while they are watching TV.  On one night, they brought with them a "shadow spider" that was crawling on the ceiling.  The shadow spider was the size of a basketball with 6 legs.  They had one scary incident in which a shadow person came out of the closet and with lightning speed dashed into a bedroom. Emily says that the shadow people that haunt her home, have not disturbed anything in the house. Emily and her husband have not been touched or assaulted by the shadow people. Emily says that the 2 shadow people that have no hats on, seem to follow the Cone Head Shadow Man. Emily believes that the Cone Head Shadow Man is the leader. Emily also feels that the Shadow People are studying her and her husband.

Emily asked what she can do to get rid of these entities, just in case they are demonic. I, for one, do not believe that Shadow People are demonic. I do believe that they are interdimensional type of entities and in most cases, they seem to observe humans. I have heard a few cases in which they have caused harm to the people they haunt. Those cases are rare, and it could be a demonic entity that those victims are seeing and not Shadow People.  I provided Emily with the following information on how to self-bless her home.

Go to your local dollar tree store and purchase some angel figurines. Take these angel figurines and dip them into holy water and say a protection prayer to each angel. The prayer should be as simple as this…...”I ask God to protect me through this angel”. Place the angel figurines around all openings of your home, like windows and doorways. After you have did this, step in the middle of your house and say a loud and meaningful protection prayer and ask God and his angels to protect you through the angel figurines around the house. Ask the angels to close any portal in your home and vanquish any negative energy or spirits from your home!

SPECIAL NOTE:  I have also connected Emily to a paranormal investigative group in Ohio. Emily will stay in touch with me and give me updates on her paranormal situation.



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