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Haunted Erasmus Castle



Haunted Erasmus Castle
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI's Esoteric Detective
Sacramento Paranormal Investigations
Halo Paranormal Investigations

My stepmother Cindy on her own visited South Africa. One of the places that she stopped at was the haunted Erasmus Castle. Cindy didn't encounter any ghosts, but she heard many ghost stories about this castle. Africans refer the castle as "Erasmus Kasteel". The castle is located on a hill in the Erasmuskloof, Pretoria, South Africa. The locals also have a nickname for this castle, they call it "Die Spookhuis", which basically means "The Haunted House".  

How this castle came about is that Jochemus Johannes Petrus Erasmus (1863 to 1940) built this magnificent castle, so he can overlook his land. Construction of this house began in 1892 and it was completed by 1903. Jochemus was very fond of his new castle and lived there with his wife and children.  A Dutch architect named Frans van der Ben designed this castle.  There is a family cemetery on the property.  The castle and the surrounding land has become a historical site.

There is a cave on the property and ancient artifacts that date back to 150,000 years have been found at the cave and surrounding land.  Beads from Phoenicia traders have been found in the cave.  There is even a house built from the Voortrekker period (1836) that is located on the property.  One of the ghosts on the property is the ghost of a little girl named Enslin who died in 1917, at the age of three.  The locals call this little girl ghost "Little Sunbeam" because that is the name on her gravesite.  Little Sunbeam is seen sometimes playing outside of the castle.  Cindy said she didn't see any ghosts, but while outside she saw a little red ball move on its own.  Cindy also said that the house "creaks" a lot. Cindy says this could be the sounds of an old house, or the sounds of ghosts moving about. 

Other ghost stories about the Castle are that the two Erasmus children were locked up in the tower, because they acquired leprosy. There have been sightings of two ghostly children crying in the tower.  The locals refer the two children ghosts as "The Leper Children".  Another ghost that is seen is "The Victorian Nightgown Lady".  The Victorian Nightgown Lady has been seen walking the hallways and then just fades away. She is also sometimes seen in the garden tending to her flowers.  One local says that she has a very sad face. The Victorian Nightgown Lady has also been seen looking out of various windows. The tour guide says that many times footsteps are heard, disembodied whispering and lights will turn off and on, on their own.  Another ghost that is seen is the "Armchair Ghost", that sits on an armchair and stares into nothingness.  Some believe that the Armchair Ghost is Jochemus Johannes Petrus Erasmus.

Cindy says with all of the stories that she has heard about this house, it must be haunted, because the locals and tourists are definitely seeing something that they can't explain.  


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