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Ellen G. White: Con, Racist, False Prophet and Hypocrite



Here is a in depth breakdown of Ellen's lunacy. 


The tale of a former Adventist

http://secularhumanism.org Why I Am Not a Seventh-Day Adventist

Ray Garton Volume 34, No.2 February-March 2014


@eight bits Read the letter from Sadler to Ellen in the first link. You'll break out laughing


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3 hours ago, Alchopwn said:

Clearly Ellen White forgot that women aren't allowed to preach according to scripture.

The letters to Timothy are crude frauds but yeah it was still "inspired by god". 

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1 minute ago, Hammerclaw said:


She won't let me on the office laptop...

She was mumbling something about "mountain of the dead" in my home workshop. :huh:

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3 minutes ago, Sherapy said:

I have known 1 SDA in my lifetime and she was a kook, and I am being kind. I stay away from them. 

It's the nice ones we never meet, because they don't bother anyone.

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